‘From Him we have come and to Him we will return’. This is what the Holy Scriptures declare. This return is a shared faith between believers and non-believers alike! One is intrigued with the phenomenon of birth and death because both are without our consent, prior knowledge and are entirely unpredictable! The one fact that stems from the saga is the existence of a journey; we witness, feel, experience and generally suffer! If a journey is all that is evidenced then there has to be a point where one starts that journey and where one sees it end. In the evaluation of the journey however we see others, like us addressing it differently. Some people address this journey of life with faith and some without. Then there are yet others seemingly with a purpose and then we see plain drifters. This choice is based on temperament, upbringing, and exposure in life, but most importantly perhaps the set of circumstances one is born into. We can further observe that those comfortable with the journey and with trials and tribulations of life are perhaps those who are privy to the reality of the journey. They know something a commoner does not, or they have reconciled to the phenomenon and have surrendered onto it.

It is reasonable to validate belief with evidence and one of the miracles of the Holy Scripture, in my case the Quran, is that it has provided proof of all that it acclaims. It carries the knowledge base of everything wet and dry created and we therefore see live witnesses with that calm addressing this journey of life. The Messengers and sages all were forgiving even to their oppressors. ‘Lord forgive them for they do not know what they do’, has been a common prayer by those proverbially referred to as the ‘chose few’ in history!

If and when one choses to accept this phenomenon of belief, it is natural to seek the properties of the journey and the entire gamut of its need, acceptability and course. This is very pertinent for any thinking being, to be able to exercise one’s right of free will. One cannot be like a follower of a cult chanting mantras to discover the evidence of our creation or the rationale of our existence. In this quest of finding the truth, and the reality of this journey of life and its destinations we can only lean on research and in line with the job description prescribed for us in the Holy Scripture – ‘to remain in the search of the truth’. I find a ‘Hadees’ most fascinating in the context where Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) asserted: Every truth has proof and every right has light! Of the known findings and the evidences in history one can safely conclude that we are a part of an energy base and have separated temporarily, by will of creation, and each one of us will sometime soon return to re-unite with our actual whole. A very electric and powerful reunion that perhaps no act of fusion or ecstasy can completely enable us to feel and wholesomely define.

It is incumbent upon us to reflect therefore on the nature of the whole we belong to and to which is our eventual return. It is from this analysis will emerge how we need to behave and coexist when alive. Are we suppose to be claimants of what is not ours to begin with and shelve the spirit to share and live in harmony? Are we required to kill, rob and deprive each other of the commonwealth of nature or is it otherwise? These are fundamental points for international consensus; we need to arrive at, should the human civilization need to evolve to the next notch of civility and coexistence. It is sad to see the human race behave like monkeys snatching the rights of others to satiate their respective needs. One is constrained to wonder if we are inheritors of nobility or the bearers of a legacy that firmly belongs to the monkeys.

It is an irrefutable need for the human race to change its course by establishing material justice and equity, without bracketing it in political terms as being right of left! Material justice simply entails the equal and inherent right of every being born to the commonwealth of nature. It is beyond this purse of wealth, that individual or collective human toil and effort should bring wealth or paucity. We need to uplift the inhabitants of the planet from abject poverty to paucity or prosperity based labor inputs. The uncivilized behavior of some Nation States to justify their acts of aggression, occupation and usurpation is a very depressing chapter of human history that ha to be addressed with utmost urgency. We are ironically living in a world with very advanced technology and a very primitive social order. The tools of oppression stem from advanced technology that should have rather been used to advance the social laws for coexisting on the planet.

Be what it may, it is the duty, moral, religious and social for the ideologically Islamic country to forthwith shun the basis of governance that is not judiciously structured establishing material and social justice. In the case of Pakistan what seems to be missing is the political will to adopt the ideology of its creation. We seem to have asked Allah to wait out while we fiddle with alien doctrines when it comes to the establishing of material justice.

One cannot curse but can certainly swear!


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