The Zhengyangmen Admin Museum Beijing presents Art Exhibition by Jimmy Engineer

The Prestigious Zhengyangmen Admin Musuem Beijing presents Art Exhibition by Jimmy Engineer

The art exhibition of world’s renowned artist and social worker, Jimmy Engineer is being held at the prestigious Zhengyangmen Administration Museum-Beijing, which is 600 years old. This exhibition is being organised in collaboration with Pakistan Embassy, Beijing and The World Peace Foundation-China. The Chief Guest was Mr. Sha Zu Kang, Chairman of China-Pakistan Friendship Association, while H.E. Masood Khalid, Pakistan’s Ambassador in China, Mr. Li Ruo Hong, Chairman China World Peace Foundation, Mr. Wang Xiao Hui, China’s Internet News Centre Chief Editor, Mr. Ji Qing Yuan, Chinese Artist and eminent artist, Jimmy Engineer spoke on the occasion.

The Exhibition will remain open to public from 22nd March till 28th March. On 30th March, the famous artist will present one of his paintings to the National Art Museum-China in Beijing.


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