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Sangdil is an ongoing drama serial being aired on Geo TV, these days. Recently, I had an opportunity to meet with the director of this drama, Asad Jabal, a renowned figure in drama and film direction, and the cast including Kaisar Khan Nizamani, Mehak Ali, Nazli Nasar, Shahzaib and others, on the set of the play.

I am sharing below the interview of Asad Jabal for the interest of our readers:

Could you please elaborate the plot of drama serial Sangdil

AJ: It’s a triangle love story of two step-sisters, Sufiya and Zubia, and a young man, Naeem. Sufiya is an ugly and simple girl while her sister Zubia is very attractive, extra ordinary naughty and humorous. Naeem the girls’ neighbor, who always attracts towards beauty like Zubia, sends his marriage proposal for her. The families settle the marriage of Zubia and Naeem, but at the day of her marriage Zubia, who was already involved with someone else, run away with her lover.  The situation develops a remedy, i.e. marry Sufiya with Naeem, in order to safeguard the honour of both families.

Sufiya, with her kind nature and good deeds, is able to win the heart of her husband, Naeem. Zubia is cheated by her boyfriend, who is interested in her father’s wealth and when he is unable to get the money, he divorces Zubia. When Zubia returns to her home and comes to know that her step-sister, Sufiya is happily married with Naeem, she gets very jealous and angry with her sister, as it is unbearable for her ‘to digest’ the happiness of Sufiya.

Zubia tries to seduce Naeem and wants him to marry her. The story moves with lots of family- drama and the entry of other characters also attract the viewers’ attention.

Sangdil has 50 episodes of 40 minutes each. Its genre is social, romantic and suspense.

Tell us about the cast, writer and other team members of this project

AJ: Sadia Akhter is the writer of this play, Shahzad is D.O.P. Its cast includes Kaisar Khan Nizamani, Nazli Nasar, Kiran Haq, Ghana Ali, Naeem Haque, Mehak Ali, Hajra Khan, Faisal Naqvi, Saqlain, Shahzaib, Hammad Farooqui, Parveen Soomro and others.

It’s an A & B Production. Qasim Rizvi is the head of project, while Baber Jawed and Asif Raza Mir are the producers of Sangdil.

Where has this serial been shooting?

AJ: It has been shooting at different locations of Karachi, including outdoor shootings at Sea View and some other attractive locations.

Do you think it does not matter if the drama serial get on-air at 10:00 PM contrary to our traditional prime time of 08:00 PM?

AJ: If a viewer has interest in any program, he watches it, even, at very late night or in early morning. Basically, the main target viewers of drama serials are women. It’s a time slot which suits women, as they normally get some relaxation at 10:00 PM after completing their chores. Most men due to their outside activities do not watch drama serial and when they reach home they mostly tune to the news channels.

How is the feedback of the serial so far?

AJ: We are glad that our effort has been appreciated by the viewers. Recently, we had the celebrating party of our serial. We have received very good feedback, as our drama has been able to get good rating as well.

This positive feedback has really boasted us and we will continue to give our best for our projects in future, as well.

Do you have any plan to air your drama at Indian entertainment channel, Zee Zandagi, which is showing Pakistani drama serials?

AJ: India is famous for their films, while Pakistan has made his identity in the field of dramas, throughout the world. Our dramas are seen all over the world and gets appreciation; even Amitabh Bachchan used to watch our dramas. But, it’s unfortunate that Pakistani TV channels except for KTN, besides Pakistani movies are not allowed to be shown in India, mainly due to their prejudiced attitude towards us.

Any film project you have in future?

AJ: My upcoming movie is Mohabat Uploading, which is written by Ali Moeen and produced by Fizza Asad Khan, my wife and Mohammadi Films. Its cast is not finalized. It will be shot in Malaysia, Pakistan, including some sites of interior Sindh as well.

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