Rabia Akram says, live translation of Bill Clinton was a real test of my professional skills

Rabia Akram

‘It was a great challenge for me to render live Urdu translation of the former US President Bill Clinton’s State of the Union speech, while serving the prestigious Voice of America (VOA) on deputation. Thank Almighty Allah I made it to the best satisfaction of my seniors and received thumbs up’ said a jubilant and all-time smiling iconic figure of Radio Pakistan, Rabia Akram. She was talking to the Chief Editor, Live Rostrum News Agency in her office, yesterday.

The richly skillful broadcaster shared her experiences, quite frankly and showed no hesitation in expressing her views on different issues. Rabia Akram has served both FM-93 and FM-101, several times and is now discharging her duties as Programme Manager, FM-101.

Rabia Akram disclosed that she was the ONLY one in Radio who dared interviewing Hussain Nawaz, right after the unfortunate dismissal of his father Nawaz Sharif’s regime at the hands of General Pervez Musharraf. It was aired by VOA and she was strongly appreciated by her boss for showing such courage, though being a Pakistani woman radio person.

Born on 13th August 1962 at Hyderabad, Sindh, Rabia Akram was named after Rabi, the Spring in Arabic, by her grand-father, as she was born in the holy month of RabiulAwal, which was eventually the spring time in August, as well. Her father Saeeduddin Mirza was a government servant, besides having a good flair of poetry.

It was a pleasant surprise for Rabia Akram to come to know through this writer that Rabia [ربیعہ] ibn (Harith- حارث) {May Allah be pleased with his soul} was a distinguished companion and a cousin of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad محمد (). He was the one whose minor son’s blood was announced as forgiven, while the Holy Prophet Hazrat محمد () had delivered his last pilgrimage address in 10th year After Hijrah (A.H).

Winner of several awards, including the Best Producer Award for programme ‘ShabBakher’

( بخیر شب), several years ago, Rabia Akram has excelled in production, direction, voice-over and script-writing. Unlike so many in the field, her general knowledge and specific knowledge of religion and language is simply commendable.

Despite having brilliant talent of acting, especially mimicry, Rabia Akram, refrains from accepting any offer from TV, as she prefers to carry out her current job, along with household affairs. She is also keen to do some social work, as soon as she is free from employment.

Now watch and listen to her interesting chat, here.

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