Live Rostrum Auditorium


The auditorium is located at the principal office of the News Agency and is meant to house seminars, talk shows, debates, product and process presentations and events to cover literary, cultural, political and news worthy issues


The footprint of the News Agency is global and events held at The Auditorium are subject to global dissemination unless otherwise agreed between the News Agency and the client. The extensive volume of recipients covers the mass media, concerned organizations, government agencies and individuals in all Nation States and Autonomous region of the world.


Tariff is negotiable based on number of hours, attendees and open/restricted coverage




1. Usage of the Auditorium is essentially subject to the rights of admission being reserved” and therefore subject to screening of the invitees/ attendees for any and all events.

2. Tariff once assessed for any event is subject to payment in advance, with cancellations only subject to force majeure.