Reflecting on human history and in the myopic manifestation when it infers with any one individual, it is hilarious! All that we respectively attempt doing, to assure ourselves of immortality, is dynamic yet terminal. The human species should have been more civilized than what they are, when it comes to coexistence. The natural resources when assessed for usage by the people that inhabit this little earth there is ample and therefore the need to go on a grabbing rampage is insanity. It is often argued that if this economic piracy were absent, we would still be in the caves content with whatever was available to satisfy hunger. Today the human race stands at the threshold of a technological spiral with little or no possibility of stagnation or regress. In the same stride we seem firm on a devastating course of consumption that guarantees an ecological disaster. Whilst this so assumed driving energy for technological evolution needs to remain lustfully primed, for the betterment of our species, economic usurpation is rudimentary, unjust and cruel.

In the Pakistan scenario it is abundantly clear that we the people have been pushed into alien dependency of the worst form, by the governing managers who will not allow us to join this technological upsurge. The lot that governs is a bunch of very scared people who scavenge this country as a profit center for their pockets only. The result is that we the people are reduced to being consumers and not producers. This is simplistically clear for all to understand and the resultant status is lopsided, derogatory and frightfully submissive. All facets of society, policy making and leadership bear testimony to this stance and status. Fearful of what we consume that may not be available, tends to make us side with everything and anything, our ideology and beliefs notwithstanding! So, what and who are we? So, who has chosen this ignoble path for us, and why? So, what does our destination look like by the road map we are treading on? Doomed by the politics of a lust for governance, sundry regions and institutions are all in a race for domination leaving the brunt of nothingness to become the fate accompli for us the people. We are forced to glorify what we are stuck with by the incidence of birth, for our international identity. Dammed if you do, dammed if you don’t, it is a case of double jeopardy indeed!

The struggle is selling the right course, a course of justice and norm, by reverting leadership to the people instead of a group of usurpers who with deception, force and falsehood rule this country in succession. All the economic and social woes stem from this crisis of usurpation over decades. The logically course is the reversal of the status quo by decentralization of our territory, people and governance to the optimum economic and political units. The people must be able to govern themselves with best world standards duly regulated in small urban units. The base political constituency has to be an urban unit that is self-sustaining. Provinces are simply administrative demarcation in Muslim societies and the ethnic based polarization can only fuel the feudal political hold over us the people. Small is indeed beautiful. These urban units to become self-sustaining need to be established as municipal companies duly quoted on stock exchanges within and out side the country as an investment out-let. These municipal companies can start with a factor of debt for establishment at the front end of technology and can through land revenue debt service the burden. These municipal units can be designed for all utility needs to service the population they carry. This is all possible in this day and age with the available technology in aid. The out fall of such an initiative will wipe of the current national debt, spark the generator for industrialization, create a formidable defense umbrella and most bring real welfare to the population satisfying the objective any government in office. Centralized controls and provincial sub controls of the population and the political over-ride by the armed forces, in the interest of security, has destroyed all abilities of this nation to achieve anything barring being beggars, manipulators and cheats. It hurts to narrate the miserable view of where we stand but we must not live in denial. There are no social or economic plans and even if they do exist someplace they are buried deep in the grave of domestic politics.

Once the power is transferred to the people then the real role of the government as regulators can surface and that is the need of the day. The Executive, the army and the judiciary need not play any role as entrepreneurs, land grabbers and or politicians. They are essentially regulators defenders and adjudicators and that is where we the people want to see them. Money is not the issue or deterrence in achieving these goals and only if the representatives of the people sitting in assemblies could wake up to their jobs for which we the people pay them handsomely the objective of people’s power is a twitch away! One must remember that it is economic prowess that in this world of today guarantees true independence for people anywhere and this is never achievable by the servants of the people but by people themselves. Frankly we need the monkey of our backs.

Mirza Shahnawaz Agha
[email protected]


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