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Dear friends,

The ignominious plight of the Muslim people anywhere is a Human Rights concern that distorts and disturbs the social, legal and judicious order of the world challenging the very ethos of Human Civilization.

I attribute this to the overwhelming and overpowering colonial and imperialistic onslaught that has held its sway over the global population. It has over centuries grown from strength to strength with looted and marauded wealth of Nations.  These forces have leaned in time on a decadent feudal structure of society for governance dividing the world into Nation States. More. On a deliberately engineered doctrine of equating tangible Natural and Human Resources with intangible printed-paper this onslaught has implanted the act of piracy for all times in the future. The medium of exchange is now manifest as a commodity and the myth of regional supremacy has become an irrefutable order!

This News Agency is committed to proliferating the inflictions and ground realities of the Muslim World that contributes Natural and Human Resources in excess of sixty percent for global production. We focus on collecting and disseminating the official narrative of governments and the public opinions in contrast. This dichotomous manifestation when presented in tandem makes news! Anchored for real authenticity and credibility, this News Agency has engineered its own News Terminals to promote Citizen Journalism and Polling.  It is positioned to find a presence internationally for all people that are inflicted with social and economic oppression, religion notwithstanding.

In this world of 7.5 billion plus people and counting, being heard is a suppressed liberty for the predominant majority.  I relate this to the non-availability of a platform for all as an essential human rights requirement.

Live Rostrum (News Agency) was established on the 3rd of November 2004 (under a Declaration of the News Agency Ordinance No.  DCO/DDO/LAW/CDGK/147/2004 from the office of the District Coordination Officer, City District Government, Karachi) as Pakistan’s first digital News Agency.  The business model of the News Agency is devised on its ability to promote “Citizen Journalism” nationally and internationally through digital means supporting the human liberty of the “freedom of expression” and the “freedom of speech”.

Live Rostrum collects voluntarily news that is disseminated globally as data to Mass Medias, concerned organizations, individuals and government agencies. The uniqueness of this News Agency is therefore ‘MAKING NEWS BREAKING NEWS’!

I invite your conscience to partake.

Best wishes

Mirza Shahnawaz Agha



Live Rostrum is a digital online News Agency that was founded by Mirza Shahnawaz Agha in 2004 with intent to precipitate interaction between the civil society, international institutions, policy makers and common citizens of the world.  The mainstay of human civilization is to be able to interact with each other, which is why most Constitutions on earth, Divine Scriptures included, permit the freedom of speech, thought and expression.  In line with this basic human need Live Rostrum collects, for the purpose of dissemination, information online as news. Data that is collected relates to the plight, affairs and thoughts, collectively and individually of people from all over the world predominantly the Muslim World. Originally Live Rostrum made its debut in a restaurant environment, providing breaking news facility however in 2013 with the introduction of Internet in our society Live Rostrum had the opportunity to take the quest a step further. The conceptual seeds that Live Rostrum planted on its small premises have since evolved into a larger platform. Live Rostrum does now communicate with a much larger audience and taking advantage of technological development has substantially increased its portfolio to include a broader spectrum of relevant activities, which are in line with its founding philosophy. They now have a facility which allows citizens and journalists alike to directly upload videos, images and text on to the L.R. website which in effect means that people can share their news, views and issues with a global audience on almost real time.


The management of the company is decentralized and is made up of a command and control center at the head office. The team of managers comprise of highly specialized technocrats and the “inverted pyramid” management structure provides the organization with a three-tier staff ladder led by a COO. The single image globally is symbolic of our determination to lead the industry, and is reflected in our human resource management plans.




The L.R. Headquarter presents a model for being replicated as a formal franchised outlet covering different territories based upon the density of population and or activity.  Franchising is promoted and terms are devised for both the Domestic and the International markets.


The L.R. Headquarter is connected to franchised outlets and their proprietary news collection terminals, reporters and citizen journalists.  This is in addition to treaties for the exchange of news on bilateral barters with other news agencies and governmental bodies Nationally and Internationally.


The Conferencing Area is located at the principal office franchised outlets of the News Agency are meant to house conferences, webinars, presentations and like events with full multimedia coverage and support.


The Auditorium is a soundproof area located at the principal office and franchised outlets of the News Agency and are meant to house seminars, talk shows, debates, product and process presentations, events to cover literary, cultural, political and news worthy occasions.


The Exhibition Place is located at the principal office and franchised outlets of the News Agency and are meant to house exhibitions and displays of indigenous products, artifacts, paintings, sculptures, handicraft, the like to showcase and promote introductory debut and sales thereof globally.


The Moot Point is an in-house cafeteria of the News Agency open for public usage.  It is modeled to house branded edible off the shelf products from sundry brands.  It does carry in addition a well-padded menu of its own for hot and cold beverages and snacks.  The Moot Point outlets are also located at franchised outlets regulated for standards.


CJ Terminals are a proprietary product of this news agency globally duly leased to promote citizen journalism for the instant communication of news.  The product is engineered to collect news, data and information supporting the essence of digital media communication for easy and instant access reporting events almost on real time.


Polling Terminals are a proprietary product of this News Agency to be located globally, duly leased to promote polling and real time communication of polling results.  This product is designed to promote on real time public opinions, views and with authentic credibility.




The web page of L.R. is available only on ‘subscription’, globally and the category of subscribers is without reservations except for buyers of content.


The L.R. site carries its unique method of disseminating data information and news globally and is open to and encourages proliferation of paid content, documentaries and advertisements.


This is an in-house platform of this News Agency created as a think-tank for good governance and in the defense of the National ideology.