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101th Founding Anniversary of The Communist Party of China Celebrations



While it’s a privilege to felicitate the Chinese Communist Party on its founding anniversary which today stands a year over a hundred! It is pertinent to highlight a few lessons that their achievements have managed to present to global civilization.

The philosophical dimension of its history establishes most poignantly to the fact that the mainstay of progress in China has been its ideological literacy.  Inheriting this legacy from preceding dynasties, the foundation of CPC (Communist Party of China) never compromised on its ideology or the paradigms of literacy as the main energy that drove them to achievements of social and economic goals.

People outside the realm of the People’s Republic of China bear witness to marvels that have been achieved post 1949 in the fields of human welfare, economic development and material hi-tech.  All this without compromising on social justice and evolution in social and material technology warrants an exemplary citation to there vary able leadership in succession.

In viewing China as a friendly neighboring country to Pakistan, the mention of bilateral relations and all the initiatives there under are a matter of constant scrutiny and examination for lessons to learn.  I recall my visit to the Institute of strategic planning in Beijing China few years ago as a part of a goodwill delegation and it is a memory that warrants repetitive mention.  Most pertinent of the lessons learnt was urbanization at the front end of material technology in the west of China.  This provided them an excellent basis for population management and in tandem presented a road map for a viable economic destination supporting industrial growth and focused trading.  We recognize this as the seed that resulted in the Belt and Road initiative.

With CPEC as a consequence in place and a glaring imbalance in trade with Pakistan, it is befitting to consider politically engineered economic objectivity that can free Pakistan and the Muslim world from the status of dependency and client status to Western Colonist.  The business community of Pakistan did recently seek: (coincidently – from – this – very platform) the following measures to regenerate our economic objectives and most desirably with the assistance of China.

  1. The linkage of our medium of exchange to gold to re-value the Rupee;
  2. We sought 100% urbanization on the analogy of West China and going for Municipal Companies;  
  3. We sought a Commonwealth among the Muslim Nation States of the world for a multipolar World Order, denying the onslaught of piracy, by deficit economies of the West on the Natural and Human Resources of the 3rd world, so called; and
  4. The Corporatizing of Pakistan for agriculture, mining industries and tourism. 

Whilst we learn from China we lean on them as much to reciprocate for mutual gain of our people on either side of the border.

In concluding my remarks I wish to thank yet again Karachi Editors Club for organizing this festive milestone and in the same stride compliment His Excellency LI BIJIAN for so patiently hearing me out without snoring.  

Thank you all.


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