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  1. Salutations Karachi Editors Club and Live Rostrum and guests.
  2. Prelude explaining the reason of this gathering and about the narration.
Mirza Shahnawaz Agha
    We are at three quarters of a century after the formation of Pakistan and it is incumbent that we review the journey we have covered and the milestone we are at. Decisively we are living in a world of Colonial supremacy that internationally is gasping for breath.  They, the Colonist started dividing the world way back in 1903 because the global population was beyond their control.  Nation States came into being and while a politically corrupt draftsman was there to draw lines, to carve Nation States, we see a planet with 183 plus countries with flags and pseudo sovereignty. Pakistan was no exception except that it came about based on an ideology with the vibrance of Islam.  The potency and vibrance of the Islamic ideology to equitably manage population pockets is ingrained in the ideology to lead the World.  These Nation States so created were designed to macro manage the population only, although the leverage for continued Colonial control was based on politically devised ‘Constitutions’ demanding allegiance to a flag. More. Debt was and remains the hidden item on the agenda of the Colonist for pseudo sovereign existence of Nation States keeping the Colonial sway intact. Global politics therefore today is based on a deceptive and biased / canvas of economics and Nationalism.  In the Pakistan scenario our leadership in succession succumbed to the Colonial agenda and despite resistance by our Quaid, fell into the ‘debt trap’ compromising on our founding ideology. This is our history and the status quo today.

As we the “community of businessmen and entrepreneurs see it” – This so happened,:

(a) First, by our leadership in succession denying our founding ideology and next

(b) By keeping us the population, that funds the Government, out of self-determination for our course forward – our real independence! 

I say this with great responsibility and historical evidence because the ground reality is as has been from 1958.  This can be referred to as a coup by the servants of the people against the people.  The four basic institutions of the state viz the Judiciary, the Armed Forces, the Civil Bureaucracy and the Parliamentarians are huddled into a league to structure governance reliant upon an ‘ideologically opposed Constitution’ and the buzz word ‘democracy’ to keep us the people gagged!  Nation States that have risen to have a sway among the communities of Nations hire governments that ‘serve’ the people and not ‘rule’ them.  We unfortunately have had ‘Rulers’ and a deceptive bunch that hide behind the Constitution and so called Democracy to legitimize our pro-colonial status quo. What they evidently have done to usurp this position as Rulers instead of being Servants has been dividing the country’s population into ethnic, parochial, provincial and religious ‘captive political constituencies’ for creating their choice of political leadership that can keep us the people gagged and enslaved. This is why we hear the term ‘electable’.  This multifarious and nefarious polarization has safely kept the attention of the population on a constant staged political drama of un-ending slander whilst the true power center for policy rests behind a smoke screen. This institutional deception has further entrenched itself by laws on ‘subversion’, ‘contempt’, ‘sedition’ and the ‘primacy of the parliament’ to keep audit and inquisition by the people out of their hair!  This is the reality on the ground where slavery of 222 million people has been induced to submit and remain subservient to the Colonist agenda globally.  Through the lens of an economic periscope we can evidently see that starting from the President of Pakistan down to a janitor at KMC there are about 2.6 million stage actors on the pay roll of us the people who are 222 million plus.  These 2.6 million cover the Judiciary, the Armed Forces, the Civil Bureaucracy and the Parliamentarians. When we examine the budget we see that 82% is being spent on them 2.6 million people, and for us the 222 million only 18% is on the table.  This is the evidence of a grand heist and the actors in our National saga that were and remain are all recorded in the annals of our glorious history.  The slanderous political drama we see to the detriment of our economy is for keeping our eyeballs glued to this nonsense whilst the fiddle remains intact for the retention of a status quo of Colonial subservience. We the people have suffered and seemingly are being pushed to keep suffering.

This nonsense however is unacceptable to us because of the following reasons:

  1. The status of all these four institutions is that of ‘servants’ working on a defined job description at the pleasure and cost of us the people; – this is being denied
  2. The current structure for governance is against our founding ideology and the Constitution, that warrants unity and not divisions; (Social fragmentation) – this is also being denied
  3. Next, borrowing on interest is waging war against Allah that cannot be thrust on 222 million Muslim people by a handful of about 1000 odd bureaucrats from the four above mentioned institutions; and

Finally, our Natural Resources are being scavenged by alien takers while our national wealth is depleting to a point of bankruptcy. We are a rich country for both natural resources and human resources beyond doubt.


The solution simply put as our demand is to ‘REVERT TO OUR IDEOLOGY’ – explain China / Israel USA.

The ground reality being what it is, the situation is unacceptable because it is carrying us Muslims into a death trap of permanent slavery of the Colonists.  The actors in this saga upholding the status quo must be evicted, as they are only our servants and not Divine appointees of Allah to consign us to the hell of life.  The solution can never come from them, as they are not stakeholders (as they like to be referred to) but have become an armed profit-taking cult. We the tax paying population must mandate the institutions of the government for their ‘job descriptions’ and these are based on few points in consonance with the ideology as follows:

  1. The ‘Establishment’ as the guarantor, upholder and protector of our sovereignty must be embodied and be constituted under a President, with the heads of all institutions of the state as members, strictly to protect any breach of our ideology in legislation and or operational management of the State. One institution cannot be referred to as the ‘Establishment’ because it invalidates all others, and we are witness to these over seven (07) decades.
  2. To end legislation based on dichotomous laws we must revert to our founding ideology for all liberties (permissible limits) and constraints (haram) as are provided by Allah in place of what is invoked, induced and upheld on us by the Colonist and their notorious agents within us to uphold their agenda.
  3. To end the global replication of the Colonist model for management of population in our society which presents a contrary model to that of the ‘Ummah’ we need to invoke land management, by creating 3400 urban (municipal companies) units in the country for applying the population as a basis for a new socio-political canvas and consequent tax-heads. All other land must be demarcated into industrial, agricultural, mining and touristic sites with space for essential areas like roads, canals and defense needs. We need to ‘corporatize’ Pakistan duly regulated at all levels for “standards & processes”.
  4. Towards freedom from our subservience to the financial slavery of the Colonist we absolutely must revert to our ideology and must choose a ‘tangible’ medium to trade and save in. An alien printed paper is decisively against our ideology and common sense. The rupee must be linked to gold and our one paisa must be revalued at one milligram of gold. Alien paper is alien dominance.  Gold has to be freed from the clutches of the bureaucracy and opened for free export and import (on the analogy of Singapore). The trade imbalance has to be settled in gold and not alien currencies. This will plough back the informal wealth into our economy and the rupee can be contained within our borders as a domestic medium of exchange. Balance of trade and trading has to be in gold settlements.      
  5. Towards strengthening our ability to counter the Colonist threat for departing from their dragnet our Armed Forces and all other institutions must be reinforced in their own rights and in tandem production without reservations must be opened free of bureaucratic interference to the private sector.  The current scenario is the captivity of enterprise by the bureaucracy and their mentors the politicians. Indigenous defense capability is at the root and crux of our dilemma for survival. The solution rests with the Private Sector as did the creation of the atom bomb for Pakistan.
  6. The cleansing of the country from the syndrome of debt needs to be tendered out in exchange of building contracts of our 3400 cities at the front end of material technology.  We must let foreign contractors in collaboration with domestic engineers build our infrastructure based on they taking reciprocating debt from us. The spiral generation of consequent production will ignite our industrial base and consequent exports to debt service without RIBA these development contracts over twenty-five years at no more than ten billion USD per year or its worth in gold. The Contractors will get paid over a protracted period of time from our export revenue and this current debt situation and with it conditional-ties of donors can be laid to rest. The social reforms post urbanization will see the demise of captive political constituencies and in tandem see a debt free Pakistan. It will also see the ignition of hyper industrialization for a population with a buying power.  I must pause here to introduce the “Fish bone” infrastructure to you to explain this concept.
  7. Our dependency on Europe and the US as export markets is a misnomer and guarantee a deformed balance of payment road map.  In consonance with our ideology the Muslim Markets must be made duty free for imports and exports of all commodities, travel and investment.  This is our commonwealth.
  8. We must allow Institutions to raise their leadership and independently from within themselves so they are internally audited for misconducts and they remain free from political bias. The management of government by, the representative of the people will only need to work on ‘consensus building/development’ to achieve national targets marked and sealed by the ideologically firm moorings.
  9. No political forces must exist that are not democratic within.
  10. Finally all land must be owned by one agency of the Federal Government and demarcated to house corporate urbanization, corporate farming, corporate mining and tourism as per a dossier circulated for all our very honored guests present here. This is to end the land grabbing nuisance in the country and culturally alter of feudal mindset.
  11. I rest my case and will be pleased to take questions as may arise in your minds. Our announcement was necessary because our National ship is adrift and this time around we are in a whirlpool with no land in sight. The army cannot save you nor can America. Global politics is based on economics so free the economy from the bureaucratic clutches and the economy will save Pakistan Inshaallah.
    Pakistan Paindabad.

Thank you

Mirza Shahnawaz Agha (YouTube)


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