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US peace delegation called for return of Afghanistan’s frozen funds


KABUL: American Women’s Peace and Education Delegation called for the return of Afghanistan’s monetary by the United States.

United States froze more than nine billion dollars of Afghan monetary after the Taliban came into power as a result of collation forces withdrawal in August last year.

According to a local reporter, a seven-member delegation of American women, who arrived in Kabul a few days back, told a news conference today that the purpose of their visit to Afghanistan is to support the return of Afghan Frozen monetary by the United States and to discuss the reopening of school’s girls above sixth grade.

“We felt that bringing a delegation of American women civil activists to Afghanistan could draw the attention of the international community to this country,” said Massouda Sultani an Afghan woman who accompanied the delegation.

“We met with officials of the Ministries of Economy, Education, and the Central Bank and discussed the release and return of frozen monetary of Afghan people and women’s education.” She added
the delegation called for the release of the frozen monetary by the Joe Biden administration and said that this money belongs to the people of Afghanistan and should be returned to Afghanistan as soon as possible so that Afghanistan could use the money in sectors of education and economy and we are trying to force the Joe Biden administration to abandon the money of Afghanistan and return it to the people of this country.

She added that in a meeting with officials from the Ministry of Education, they assured her that in the near future, after the implementation of the plan of the Ministry of Education, schools will be opened for female students above the sixth grade.

Meanwhile, Kelly Gamble, One of the victims of 9/11, who is part of the delegation, said: “On behalf of the victims of 9/11, I urge the Biden administration to release the frozen Afghan monetary, which has been frozen in more than $9 billion in US banks.” and return it to the Afghan people as soon as possible so that the banking system in Afghanistan is normalized and this money is used in the economic and education sectors because the Afghan people are interested in reconstruction and progress in their country, Kelly Gamble also said the money did not belong to 9/11.


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