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Ahead of Ramadan Somali families cut their shopping budget due to inflation 


MOGADISHU: Russian and Ukraine war has worsened food shortages in many regions of Africa and the Middle East, forcing Muslims to switch to more affordable iftar as part of their Ramadan preparations. With massive grain-growing regions that are among the world’s primary growing regions, Russia and Ukraine account for a large percentage of global exports in numerous important commodities including wheat, vegetable oil, and corn.

In Somalia, Muslims who traditionally break their fast with extravagant family meals are suddenly finding it hard to get even the most basic necessities due to rising food and gasoline prices.

Somalia, which is dealing with civil war and the worst drought in 40 years, is also preparing for a tough Ramadan, as rising prices cut the 15-million-strong population’s purchasing power. Export disruptions have raised worries of a worldwide food crisis, particularly in the Middle East and Africa, where the consequences are already being felt.

According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, OCHA reports consumer price index CPI increased significantly (29-45%) across all regions of Somalia due to increased prices of local cereal and increases in imported food prices this year.

The annual inflation rate in Somalia rose to 6.84 percent in January of 2022, from 5.67 percent in the last year. It was the highest inflation rate since July of 2019, supported by the prices of food (11.63 percent vs 7.39 percent in December); housing & utilities (4.5 percent vs 5.49 percent), and health (13.45 percent vs 14.09 percent.)

Due to food and flue prices being high Food donations, which were once a typical occurrence throughout the holy month, have decreased to a flow, with previous donors now struggling to meet their own basic needs.

Somalia experiencing severe inflation, which is on the edge of exceeding 100%,” monthly spending to live or exist. rent, food, and transit costs have all climbed. Which negative impact on people’s life.”


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Ahead of Ramadan Somali families cut their shopping budget due to inflation 

MOGADISHU: Russian and Ukraine war has worsened food shortages...