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Israel dropped 5,000 bombs on Arab states over five years


DOHA: Over the last five years, Israeli jets have carried out hundreds of strikes across the region, dropping thousands of munitions on Arab states, data reported in Arab media.

Through the data release, Israeli Air Force Commander Maj.-Gen. Amikam Norkin has exposed Israel’s barbaric air campaign, which has been carried out with near-total impunity.

During 408 operations since 2017, Israeli jets have targeted over 1,200 sites, delivering over 5,500 munitions from the sky, including the horrific 2021 bombardment of Gaza, which killed over 250 Palestinians.

During the bombing, also destroyed civilian infrastructure in the besieged land strip, placing Gazans at risk of starvation and disease.

Israel has carried out the vast bulk of its attacks in Syria, where it is attempting to prevent Iran from building a foothold in the country’s south.

While Israel claims its bombings are aimed at military targets and stopping smuggling, civilians are often caught in the crossfire.

Two civilians were killed by Israeli jets near Damascus earlier in March, according to reports.

Israel’s actions in Syria are described as a “war-between-war” operation.

The Syrian regime has anti-aircraft defences made by Russia that are incapable of countering the high-tech Israeli jets.

According to reports, Russian officers instruct Syrian air defence operators to stand down during Israeli strikes. During Israeli air raids in 2018, Syrian regime air defences unintentionally shot down a Russian plane.

During the Israeli assault on Gaza in May 2021, Israeli aircraft were also utilised to deadly effect.

According to the United Nations, 260 people were murdered in Gaza during the assault, at least 129 of them civilians, including 66 children.

Over 50,000 residential units were damaged, and over 2,000 industrial, trade, and service establishments were destroyed or partially damaged, according to a local report.


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