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Opp alleges Imran Khan’s agenda is to recognise Israel


ISLAMABAD: Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly of Pakistan and Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) President Shahbaz Sharif is likely to table the no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan in today’s crucial session of the lower house of Parliament. While Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman on Sunday said that he is “well aware of Prime minister Imran Khan’s agenda is to taint Islam as you want to recognise Israel.”

The last NA session was wrapped up almost immediately after it started with the recitation of Holy Quran with NA Speaker Asad Qaiser in the chair, instead of deliberation on the no-confidence motion against the premier.

The National Assembly is meeting today (Monday) at 4pm after a two-day break since the session was adjourned on Friday.

In today’s session, the no-confidence resolution is the next item on the agenda after the question hour in 27-point order of the day, released by the NA Secretariat.

“This House is of the view that the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Imran Khan, has lost the confidence of the majority of the members of the National Assembly of Pakistan, therefore, he should cease to hold office,” the resolution bearing signatures of 152 opposition members said.

The Rule 37(4) of Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in the National Assembly says the leave to move the resolution shall be asked for after Question-Hour, if any, and before any other business entered in the order of the day.

The Rule 37(5) says that the Speaker may after considering state of business shall allot a day or two for discussion on the motion. As per Article 95 of the Constitution and Assembly’s rules, a resolution of no-confidence against the Prime Minister shall not be voted before expiry of three days and not later than seven days from the day, it was moved.

Moreover, the order of the day for today also includes introduction of a bill for a separate South Punjab province. 

The combined Opposition had requisitioned the National Assembly along with a notice of no-confidence resolution submitted in the National Assembly Secretariat on March 08.

The proceedings on the first day on Friday (March 25) were adjourned after Fateha for PTI’s deceased MNA Khayal Zaman.

Meanwhile, Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman on Sunday addressed a rally after reaching the federal capital and said that he is “well aware of Prime minister Imran Khan’s agenda.”

“We are well aware that your agenda is to taint Islam as you want to recognise Israel,” the JUI-F chief alleged. 

He said that Imran Khan’s “agenda” was to “close all madrassas” but said that instead, “thousands of them opened up across the country.”

“Your agenda was to destroy the economy of Pakistan and we know that you are serving the same agenda that began during General Musharraf’s tenure.”

He said that the premier was “imposed on Pakistan as the last agent for this Western agenda so Islamic clauses contained in the Constitution of Pakistan could be eliminated.”

“You used foreign money to misguide the youth of Pakistan,” Fazl said, adding that the United States had installed “such agents” all over the Islamic world.

“We are now announcing our win and your defeat,” Fazl sent a message to PM Imran Khan before a charged crowd. 

Taking a jibe at the premier’s earlier statement when he had said that he’d “surprise” the Opposition during his speech before the no-confidence motion session — Fazl said that the only surprise today was the news of Shah­zain Bugti parting ways with the PTI.

Earlier today, in a major blow to PM Imran Khan’s, ahead of the no-trust motion, his special assistant (SAPM) on reconciliation and harmony in Balochistan and Jamhoori Watan Party leader Shah­zain Bugti announced that the has parted ways with the government while announcing his resignation from the federal cabinet.

Fazl, while criticising the government’s decision to pass the State Bank of Pakistan (Amendment) Bill 2021, said: “Imran Khan, you have sold the sovereignty of my country by becoming a slave to the International Monetary Fund”.

Fazl said that PM Imran Khan is “within the grip of the Opposition now.”

“Insha Allah, the Opposition will gather at the same venue tomorrow,” he said. 

In Gujranwala, PML-N Vice-President Maryam Nawaz took a swipe at Prime Minister Imran Khan and said that “he is a coward” and added that the Opposition will “not let him run away.”

Maryam was speaking during a press conference along with the Opposition Leader in the Punjab Assembly Hamza Shahbaz in Gujranwala, ahead of the premier’s address to the nation in Islamabad.

She said that Imran Khan will be held accountable for using taxpayers’ money on public gatherings and criticised him for capitalising on the religious card to gain political mileage. 

“This money was not your family’s. This was the hard-earned money of the people of Pakistan which you splurged on holding public rallies,” she said while lashing out at the premier. 

Maryam added that the premier “deprived people of food, while inflation reached the highest levels in the country.”

She also censured him for abusing the Opposition leaders and delaying the voting on the no-trust motion, adding that when the premier was held accountable for his misdoings related to the foreign funding case, he used “every means to save himself.”

Taking a jibe at PTI’s jalsa in Islamabad, where the party has claimed to gather more than one million people in support of PM Imran Khan, Maryam said: “Your jalsa is titled Amr-bil-Maroof (enjoining good). Is snatching bread, flour, electricity, and sugar from the masses called Amr-bil-Maroof?”

“Is misbehaving with people [opposition leaders] and calling them names Amr-bil-Maroof?” she questioned.

‘Imran Khan should be labelled diesel’

Maryam also called the premier out for referring to Maulana Fazlur Rehman as “diesel” repeatedly and said: “Considering the rising pieces of diesel during Imran Khan’s tenure, he should, indeed, be labelled diesel instead.”

The PML-N Vice-President, while talking about the decision of the National Assembly’s speaker to delay the no-confidence motion session, said that Imran Khan is “violating the Constitution through the speaker.”

‘You have no comparison with Shahbaz Sharif’

Favouring her uncle and Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly Shahbaz Sharif, Maryam said that he is “a thousand times better than Imran Khan”.

“How can you compare yourself with Shahbaz? When there were floods in Pakistan, he used to visit places while submerged knee-deep in the stagnant water,” she said. 

She also talked about the disgruntled PTI MNAs who had decided to jump ships ahead of the no-confidence motion against the premier. 

‘Your own party members do not trust you’

“Your own party members do not trust you, which has resulted in the no-confidence motion,” Maram said. “Your party has broken up and your companions who used to run your kitchen have lost trust in you.”

Maryam further added that if the premier believes Nawaz Sharif is hatching conspiracies against him all the time and is controlling all the affairs of Pakistan while living in London, then he should be “ashamed of his [governance skills].”

“If you think Nawaz is in the driver’s seat regarding Pakistan’s affairs, you should resign and go home.” 

‘Aapki kanpain taang rahi hain’: Hamza Shahbaz to PM Imran

For his part, Hamza Shahbaz said that PM Imran Khan’s “rhetoric of Naya Pakistan was nothing but a spectacle.”

The PML-N leader also said that his party “does not believe in the umpire but believes in the people of Pakistan.”

He claimed that when the 2018 elections were “stolen,” PML-N was the biggest party in Punjab at the time.

“I have been receiving reports related to the dissolution of the Punjab Assembly already,” Hamza said. “This clearly indicates that ‘aapki ki kaapain taang rahi hain (the government’s legs are trembling)'”.


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