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Srinagar’s lawyer turned mogul aims to create name in women’s fashion arena


SIRNAGAR: Hina Chaudhry, a lawyer turned entrepreneur from summer capital of India held Kashmir has set a shining example for aspiring women entrepreneurs and has become an inspiration for others. 

Hina switched to entrepreneurship after starting her own fashion and clothing business venture ‘Adore’. She aims to carve a niche for herself in the women’s fashion arena.

Two years ago, Hina started ‘Adore’ in Rajbagh Srinagar and now she is all set to launch an exclusive ‘Nail Bar’ on upcoming Eid-ul-Fitr.

The young entrepreneur said she started her career as a practicing advocate but had always inclination towards business owing to her family background.

While narrating her story of becoming a successful entrepreneur, Hina said there is no shortcut to success other than hard work and dedication.

“I come from a family that has been into business for generations. From my childhood, I had an inclination to set up my own business,” she said.

In 2020, Hina got into the fashion industry by virtue of her journey in entrepreneurship. “As you grow and have to get people to work with you, one unavoidably becomes the captain of the ship,” she said.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic situation, Hina started ‘Adore’ venture in 2020 and worked hard towards carving a niche for herself.

Hina said ‘Adore’ is bringing change in debarring societal norms and empowering women. She said the USP of Adore is that “we provide luxury clothing for women and girls at reasonable prices.”

“In other words, it is a luxury within everyone’s reach and we are getting positive response from our customers across Kashmir,” Hina said.

She said they also have a ‘Do it Yourself’ customization counter, where clients can participate in designing their outfits. “Our aim is to design accessible and affordable clothing for all women.”

“We at ‘Adore’ are good listeners and spend quality time with clients to make clothes that fit their ideas and suit their personality,” she said.

Hina said when there will be honesty and commitment in any business then Almighty Allah helps in the expansion of business. “Adore will not compromise on its quality and products.”

The venture is now providing employment opportunities to 13 persons who are now managing the different work areas of the store.

Sakeena, who works as a manager at ‘Adore’ since 2020, is hopeful that their business will expand in the upcoming wedding season in the Valley.

Hina makes sure that she is easily and equally accessible for all employees and customers.

Regarding future plans, she said they will launch an exclusive ‘Nail Bar’ on Eid-ul-Fitr that will provide nail extensions, nail art, and all kinds of professional services by experts.

In her message to young Kashmiri women entrepreneurs, she said that she feels one should always take a step forward and work hard to achieve their dream. They should never get discouraged and come out of a patriarchal mindset.

“Youngsters should come forward to become self-reliant and generate employment avenues for others. This way we can become truly empowered,” she added.


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