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Aziz Hamid Madani

writer, critic, researcher, and translator

Aziz Hamid Madani (June 15, 1922, Raipur – April 23, 1991, Karachi) was a Pakistani Urdu poet, critic, linguist, and scholar who left an indelible mark on Urdu literature.

The real name of Aziz Hamid Madani was Aziz Hamid. Muhammad Hamid Saqi was born on June 15, 1922, in Madhya Pradesh, India. This is the date of birth that the authors scribbled on their official documents. He wrote his true date of birth as April 14, 1926, in a handwritten letter to a close friend.

Madani’s family went from India to Pakistan after the country’s foundation, taking a sea voyage from Bombay to Karachi, where their ship docked on February 22, 1948. There was a psychic in Karachi at the time, and whoever received a place there settled there. Madani migrated with his family to Pir Elahi Bakhsh Colony after living in a heavily populated area of Burns Road for some time. He remained there until his final breath.

Madani earned a master’s degree in English from Nagpur University, and his father hoped he would pass the civil service test, but he began his career by publishing a magazine called Screen Past before moving to Sindh. He became an English lecturer at a Muslim institution. After a while, he acquired a job at Radio Pakistan at the request of ZA Bukhari. Radio Pakistan was housed in a few tents outside a school in Pakistan Naval Colony at the time. Madani Sahib would meet up with the city’s writers and poets in the evenings at Zeilens Coffee House on MA Jinnah Road, where he would stay until late.

Grami Muhammad Hamid Saqi, Aziz Hamid Madani’s father, was also a poet. Maulana Shibli Nomani was his teacher, while Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar was one of his buddies. Dr. Akhtar Hussain Raipuri, a well-known writer, critic, researcher, and translator, was also one of his close friends. Hamid Madani’s father, wanted him to be a CSP officer, but he preferred radio and poetry. He used to say really difficult and eloquent poems like Ghalib in the beginning, but his main identity is as a poet. Then, instead of difficult poems, he began to say rich and layered poems. Along with ghazals, he began reading poems of high perfection. Madani has an effective tale of the modern age’s wounded soul, as well as the emotional and psychological confusions of modern man, which is not found anywhere else except Rashid.

“Chashma Nagran” is a published poetry book by Aziz Hamid Madani. The names “Dasht-e-Amkan,” “Nakhl-e-Gamaan,” and “Gul-e-Adam” are also well-known. Apart from these, “Aaj Bazaar Mein Pa Be Jolan Chalo,” a particular study on Faiz Ahmad Faiz, is available. He has a large following of devotees of all ages. Reading and writing were his constant companions throughout his life. He did, however, experience love and affection, but not to the extent that Shad Amritsar and Ahmed Zafar, two radio bachelor officers, experienced. Madani, on the other hand, gave his complete focus to poetry because he was unmarried. Dedicated to the pursuit of originality his horizons of knowledge were unrestricted. He enjoyed drinking but swiftly gave up smoking.

Madani Sahib was a well-read intellectual who, in addition to English, had a strong interest in French literature, which he could access via English. His main subject was the examination of modern French poets’ vocabulary and the study of modern French poets. He also demonstrated his remarkable ability as a translator by translating certain selected French poems into Urdu in a very lovely manner. He also translated Shakespeare’s plays, and Othello was one of his favorites.

His translation of Shakespeare was remarkable which has given Urdu poetry a new poetic vocabulary as well as a new aesthetic mood. A major literary work by Madni is a critical evaluation of modern Urdu poetry, which covers the evolution of thinking and conscience from Wali Deccani to Ghalib to Iqbal. Aziz Hamid Madani died on April 23, 1991, after retiring from Radio Pakistan in 1981.


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