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OIC meeting in Pakistan to discuss issues of Muslim world


ABU DHABI: Pakistan’s ambassador to UAE Afzaal Mahmood has said that the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Foreign Ministers’ meeting is an important platform for Muslim majority countries to discuss challenges and issues.

The 48th session of the OIC Foreign Ministers’ meeting will be held in Pakistan’s capital city of Islamabad on March 22 and 23.

Taliban-led Afghanistan is also expected to attend the meeting. “They did join the extraordinary session in Islamabad. I foresee their participation.”

“It is a platform to share ideas, views, and issues commonly and individually faced by countries with Muslims in the majority. Islamic countries have a lot of reasons, commonalities, and potential, to sit together and find ways and means to address various issues,”, said.

“The meeting is taking place at a very interesting and challenging time. We have so many issues to address together,” he noted.

Pakistan, the envoy said, has been playing an active and effective role in making the OIC an effective platform to discuss different challenges. On December 19 last year, Islamabad hosted the Extraordinary Session of the OIC Council of Foreign Ministers Council to discuss the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

The ambassador expects a “productive outcome” from this month’s meeting themed: ‘Partnering for Unity, Justice, and Development.

The UAE will be participating in the event, Mahmood confirmed. “I met the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs. We expect the highest level of representation.”

The ambassador is unsure if the Russia-Ukraine crisis, with the former being an OIC observer country, will be taken up for discussion. “It will be up to the members when they decide the agenda of the meeting.”

“We are hopeful that most of the OIC member countries will participate in the Islamabad meeting at the highest level with the objective of deliberating over regional and international issues of concern to the OIC and its member countries. We are living in a challenging world where unity among our ranks, support for justice and development, together can make lots of difference in the lives of people in the Muslim world,” Mahmood said.


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