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Houthi fired missiles kill 10 Sudanese soldiers in Yemen


ADEN: Yemen’s Houthi group fired ballistic missiles against a military base of the Saudi Arabia-led coalition in the northwestern province of Hajjah on Wednesday, killing at least 10 Sudanese soldiers.

“The missiles struck the units of Sudanese troops, who are part of the Saudi Arabia-led coalition troops, in Hajjah province near the border with Saudi Arabia.” the local military source said.

“A total of 10 Sudanese soldiers were killed and more than 25 others injured in Hajjah’s district of Midi,” the local military source said.

The Sudanese troops were backing the Yemeni government forces in the ongoing military operations taking place against the Houthis in the northern regions of the war-ravaged Arab country, according to the official.

A reported Houthi attack on coalition sites in the same province in mid-December killed 14 Sudanese soldiers.

The Saudi-led military coalition has been supporting Yemen’s internationally recognized government since 2015 in its battle against the Iran-backed Houthi rebels.

Sudan, one of the poorest countries in the world, has sent thousands of soldiers to fight in Yemen, which lies across the other side of the Red Sea.

The troops include men from the notorious Janjaweed militia, which is accused of atrocities in the conflict that erupted in 2003 in Sudan’s western Darfur region.

Meanwhile, the Saudi-led coalition reported that its warplanes carried out more than 18 airstrikes against the Houthi-held sites in Yemen’s Hajjah during the past 24 hours.

Local Yemeni sources confirmed that most of the airstrikes bombed the Houthi sites in Haradh district and other key areas of Hajjah, causing casualties amongst the Houthi fighters.

Under the cover of the intensified airstrikes by the Saudi-led coalition, the Yemeni government forces have been engaged in intense battles recently with the Houthi fighters in Haradh, the main gateway for Yemen’s exports before a land port there was closed by the Houthis in 2014.

Yemen has been mired in a civil war since late 2014 when the Houthi militia seized control of several northern provinces and forced the internationally-recognized government of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi out of the capital Sanaa. 


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