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Iranian air force is ready to share the experience with Pakistan


ISLAMABAD: The commander of the Air Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran terming the unilateral sanctions an opportunity, especially on the Armed Forces said that the Iranian air force is ready to share the experience with Pakistan Air Force in all areas.

Brigadier General Hamid Vahedi, during an interview with a state-run news agency on Tuesday, the third day of the official visit to Pakistan, said that during an important meeting his Pakistani counterpart expressed a desire to further strengthen relations with the Republic Islamic Republic of Iran in the defense sector.

“We will welcome any expansion of relations with Pakistan because it will stabilize the security of the two countries,” he said.

He hoped that stronger ties between Iran and Pakistan would lead to the development of the two countries, especially in the military areas.

Hamid Vahedi added, fortunately, over the past 43 years, Iran Air Force has made significant progress adding that sanctions have been a blessing for Iran and have made it stand on its own feet.

He said Iran Air Force is self-reliant and by taking advantage of this achievement, it can expand its cooperation with the brotherly country of Pakistan.

He added that yesterday’s meeting with his Pakistani counterpart was very good and valuable and it was felt that there was a really good relationship between the two countries that could be upgraded.

The Commander said, “We told the Pakistan Air Force Chief that sanctions were a blessing for the holy system of the Islamic Republic of Iran, especially the armed forces, because before the Revolution, the armed forces, including the air force, were dependent on the foreign support.”

Brigadier General Hamid Vahedi in his views said that the Iran Air Force has stood by the Revolution since the very beginning till today, despite the sanctions, the Force is doing its job self-sufficiently.

“All heavy repairs, overhauls of all the planes are done by our country’s engineers without any external support,” he noted.

He said, “We have made very fundamental changes to our flying equipment, according to modern science.”

“The Air Force of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran is the center of UAV training in the army.”

“The Iranian and Pakistani air forces have made good progress in various areas and we are able to take advantage of this situation,” said the Brigadier General.

He also said, “We have informed the chief of the Pakistan Air Force that we are ready for strong bilateral cooperation with Pakistan.”

He said that the purpose of interaction and brotherhood between the two countries is that Islamic countries unite and be able to stand against the enemies of Islam.

It is worth mentioning that the Iranian military delegation headed by Brigadier General Hamid Vahedi will visit some facilities of the Pakistan Air Force today.

The commander of the Air Force of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran arrived in Islamabad last Sunday on a four-day official visit and met Pakistan Air Force Chief yesterday.


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