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Iran says final stage of ‘Vienna Talks’ waiting West’s political decision


TEHRAN: Iran’s Secretary of Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Shamkhani said that final stage of the Venna Talks will not take place without Western political decision-making.

“A good deal is possible because of significant progress in the talks, largely due to Iranian initiatives”, Shamkhani wrote on his Twitter account.

“But the final stage of the #ViennaTalks will not take place without Western political decision-making to resolve crucial issues that are required to balance the deal”, he added.

Meantime, Iran’s top nuclear negotiator in Vienna talks Ali Bagheri Kani said on Thursday “Being near the finish line is no guarantee to crossing that.”

“Being near the finish line is no guarantee to crossing that. It requires extra caution, much perseverance, additional creativity, and a balanced approach to taking the last step,” Bagheri Kani wrote on his Twitter account on Thursday.

“To finish the job, there are certain decisions that our Western interlocutors need to take,” he added.

Iran’s top nuclear negotiator in Vienna talks Ali Bagheri Kani headed back to Tehran on Wednesday for a short visit to make regular necessary consultations.

The top negotiators of the three European countries involved in the nuclear talks in Vienna, too, have left Vienna for their own countries to get the fresh views of their officials.

The other members of the Iranian delegation remain in Vienna to participate in the technical and legal consultations.

The eighth round of nuclear talks which began in Vienna on December 27, 2021, is one of the lengthiest rounds of such talks, Now the participants are busy drafting the initial text and making decisions on few remaining disputed details.

The nuclear talks are in a stage now where their success or failure depends on the western participants’ political decisions.  The few remaining points of differences could easily resolve within a few days provided the western sides adopted the required decisions and then the final agreement will be close at hand.


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