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More Afghan soldiers graduate from Samangan military Center


AIBAK: Nearly one hundred Taliban Soldiers and members of the Samangan Police Command graduated from the National Police Capacity Building and Professionalization Course.

Mawlawi Habibullah Hamas, chief of Samangan police, told Taliban-run news agency that the soldiers had good military capabilities and would be used for special operations in the center and provinces in the time of need.

Mawlawi Abdul Manan Aslami, Deputy Governor of Samangan, congratulated them on their graduation, emphasizing the implementation of Islamic rule of law, ensuring the security of the people, and treating the people on good well.

On Feb 21, the Ministry of National Defense of the Islamic Emirate says that 240th soldiers graduated from the 203rd Mansouri military center after vocational training.

Earlier The Ministry of Defense said in a statement that 240 soldiers graduated from the 203rd Mansouri military Training Center after ideological, professional, and military training, in a ceremony attended by Mullah Mohammad Fazel “Mazlum”, the first deputy minister of defense, military and civilian officials, Scholars and guests.

The graduated soldiers, while signifying their capability by carrying out military operations, assured that they would serve the people honestly in any situation and would spare no effort to ensure the best possible security in the country.

The Ministry of National Defense has announced that one hundred and fifty soldiers have graduated from the training center of the Second Brigade of the Mansouri Army Corps.

Meanwhile, The Ministry of National Defense said in a press release that one hundred and fifty soldiers graduated from the training brigade of the 2nd unit of the 203rd Mansouri Paktia Army after military last week.

At the graduation ceremony of these soldiers, Mawlawi Mohammad Ayub Khalid, Commander of the Mansouri Army Corps, said that the Army of the Islamic Emirate is committed to protecting the lives and property of the people and the borders of the country with a sense of responsibility and faith.


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