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Mushaal seeks world’s intervention to save Yasin Malik’s life


ISLAMABAD: The Chairperson of Peace and Culture Organisation (PCO), Mushaal Hussein Mullick, has urged the world powers and human rights organizations to press the fascist Indian government to ensure release of her husband Muhammad Yasin Malik from Indian illegal detention, who is battling for life.

The Hurriyat leader in a statement on their 13-wedding anniversary on Tuesday said that Yasin Malik was arrested on 10 wedding anniversary by notorious Indian government and was sent him to notorious Tihar Jail.

Mushaal said that during the 13 years of their marriage life, the couple spent only 60 days together out of the total around 4,750 days, as they were kept separated and divided by the Indian state through various excuses.

She said that the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front Chairman, Yasin Malik has been languishing in notorious New Delhi’s Tihar Jail since then despite his fast-deteriorating health condition, paying the price for his struggle for independence.

Mushaal said that Yasin Malik has been put in the jail for his sole crime for raising voice against Indian illegal occupation. However, she vowed that the brutal authorities could have separated them physically but can never distance them emotionally. “Happy 13th wedding anniversary Yasin with the hope that we will reunite one day and relive the love that we once shared,” she hoped.

The chairperson went on to say that her husband Yasin Malik is battling for life as he is facing serious health issues while the fascist Indian authorities deprived him of all basic rights.

She said that Narendra Modi government kept Yasin Malik in solitary confinement and no one was allowed to meet him despite repeated requests.

“I demand the release of Yasin Malik who has been imprisoned on false charges by the Indian government along with other Kashmiri prisoners who have been kept in illegal detention to muzzle their voices,” she added.

“We demand urgent intervention by the world leaders to secure Yasin Malik release from unlawful imprisonment by India to save his life amid his rapidly deteriorating health,” Mushaal vowed.

She said that Yasin Malik is a popular and revered leader of Jammu and Kashmir, who has been waging a peaceful struggle against the Indian occupation of Kashmir; hence he has been kept in torture cell to defuse the intensity of the freedom struggle. However, Mushaal vowed that the brave Kashmiri people would not be deterred by such brutal tactics of Indian occupation forces and would take his mission of breaking Indian shackles of slavery to its logical ends at all costs.

The hurriyat leader said that India is violating the worst human rights in the occupied valley and is committing genocide of unarmed Kashmiris but ironically the world powers are looking the brutalities and atrocities just like silent spectators.

Mushaal said that Modi-led India has snatched every right including right to live of the Kashmiris. Mushaal went on to say that Yasin Malik is torch-bearer of Kashmiris’ right to self-determination and he would take his mission to its logical conclusion, come what may.


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