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Pakistani artist asks to support world’s largest gold-plated Quran project


KARACHI: Pakistani painter and sculptor Shahid Rassam is creating a stunning, one-of-a-kind masterpiece that will be the world’s “largest” gold-plated copy of the Holy Quran.

Rassam said while speaking at a news conference at the Karachi Press Club (KPC) that this is a costly project, which will require a massive amount of money, will need the government’s as well as the private sector’s support,

Rassam told journalists that he began creating the remarkable piece in 2016. The 550-page copy of the Quran would have 2,000 pounds of aluminium, and 200 pounds of gold for plating.

“Each page is 2.6 metres long and two metres wide. Instead of ink or paint, we’re using metal to cast the words, and instead of paper, we’re using canvas,” he explained.

“When I first showed it to Anwar Maqsood sahib, he asked me how long it would take me to finish it. He inquired if my grandchildren would finish the project after discovering that it had taken me two years to complete two pages,” he said. 

To speed up the process, Rassam said that he has hired 200 young calligraphers, designers, painters, and sculptors.

He went on to say that once completed, the gold-plated copy of the Holy Quran would need to be placed in a special museum, which would require assistance from both the government and the private sector. “I’m also asking for support from the Aga Khan Foundation,” he continued.

According to Anwar Maqsood, Rassam is an artist who followed his heart. He was of the view that his recent work is not just loved by the Muslims but also by those who are drawn to such art.

“Of course, if you ask for a museum to house it, you might as well ask for a hundred thousand security personnel to guard it because it’s loaded with gold,” he joked, adding that the Aga Khan Foundation would be ideal for aiding and patronising such a project.

President of the KPC Fazil Jamili stated that Rassam had rendered an invaluable service by creating a stunning work of art.

“It is a masterpiece. And as Pakistanis we are proud of getting an opportunity to see this kind of work in our lifetime,” he said.

World’s largest copy of the Holy Quran unveiled at Dubai Expo 2020

Earlier, a part of the world’s largest copy of the Holy Quran was unveiled at the Dubai Expo 2020, which had attracted a large crowd outside the Pakistan Pavilion as visitors flocked to see the one-of-its-kind project.

Rassam, who is also an award-winning artist, had cast Surah-e-Rahman with aluminium and gold plated script on a high-quality canvas, which has been done for the first time in Islamic history of over 1,400 years.


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