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Taliban says use of Afghan funds as compensation unacceptable


KABUL: A meeting held between the delegation of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan led by Mawlawi Amir Khan Muttaqi, Foreign minister, and representatives of 16 European countries in Qatar.

According to BNA, Mawlawi Amir Khan Muttaqi, the foreign minister, said that it’s unacceptable for us to spend the money of the Afghan people in the name of humanitarian aid or compensation.

The ministry of foreign affairs said in a newsletter, the meeting focused on human rights in Afghanistan, humanitarian aid, political relations, education and social affairs, teachers’ salaries, and the participants pledged to make serious efforts to improve the situation of the Afghan people, adding that the international community is ready to take further steps in the field of humanitarian aid.

Regarding many of the participants’ security concerns, the Board of the Islamic Emirate has assured that the Emirate of Afghanistan will not allow anyone to use Afghanistan territory to the detriment of anyone.

The issue of sanctions, frozen monetary, and the recent verdict of the US President were also discussed.

John Johnson, in chargé Affaires of the US Embassy in Qatar, said that President Biden’s talk of distributing the money had been misinterpreted in the media and that work is underway on a mechanism under which part of the money would probably be given to the Central Bank of Afghanistan. The title of supporting the national currency should be used of the $ 7 billion in assets held by US Federal Reserve, $3.5 billion was spent on humanitarian aid to the Afghan people, and another $3.5 billion in compensation to the families of the victims, according to President Joe Biden. It will be paid on September 11th. But the Islamic Emirate has issued a statement saying that the decision of the President of the United States is unfair and unacceptable.


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