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UNAMA again calls for public access to foreign exchange reserves


KABUL: The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) once again called on the Afghan people to have access to its foreign exchange reserves.

UNAMA tweeted “will work to help provide more support to the Afghan people and economic stability in the country.”

UNAMA has once again called on governments and actors to find ways to support the Afghan people during the current crisis.

The new UN call comes, when Joe Biden the President of the United States recently issued an executive order according to which, out of the seven billion dollars of reserves of the Central Bank of Afghanistan kept in a bank in New York and frozen after the takeover of the Islamic Emirate, 3.5 billion were paid to the families’ of 9/11 victims.

Money changers went on strike in most provinces of the country yesterday. They say the 9/11 attacks has nothing to do with the Afghan people.

They also said that $2 billion of Afghanistan’s frozen money was the property and commercial capital that had been deposited in the country’s banks.

The protesting money changers also said that if the issue of compensation is raised, the first is, Compensation is not relevant to the Afghan people because the United States has identified the perpetrators. If it comes to compensation, it is the United States that must pay the price for its 20 years of war and aggression in Afghanistan.

On the other hand, economic experts say that the freezing of billions of dollars of Afghan capital by the United States is one of the main causes of the current humanitarian crisis in the country, which threatens the lives of millions and will turn this threat into a crisis.

Hussam al-Din Matlab, a professor at a private university, believes that no country has the right to plunder another country’s foreign exchange reserves. They maintain their foreign exchange reserves in the United States, which could damage the credibility of American banks.

Abdul Shakur Dadras, law aware emphasizes, The money does not belong to the governments of the United States and Afghanistan and no one has the right to decide on it. This money supports the currency of Afghanistan. Is the country.

It follows from these statements that the United States has made a big mistake regarding Afghanistan’s bank loans in that country, not only Afghans but also a large number of countries in the world and the United Nations have condemned Biden, it is better that the judiciary The United States should reconsider its recent decision and consider its own authority.


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