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Taliban mark 33rd anniversary of Soviet defeat, withdrawal


KABUL: Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan marked the 33rd anniversary of the defeat and withdrawal of the former Soviet Red Army from Afghanistan, on Tuesday.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan considers this day a glorious day in the history of Afghanistan and congratulates its entire Muslim nation and Mujahideen on its arrival.

Certainly, the freedom and identity of countries depend on their efforts and masterpieces. Praise be to God, Afghans have tested positive in this field three times in the last century, taking back and protecting the freedom and independence of their country.

The fact that our country has just been liberated from occupation for the third time shows that the feeling of freedom in Afghans is strong and they have a strong will to defend their religion and country.

We hope that the aggressor countries have learned many lessons from the pagan invasions and the re-liberation of the Afghans in the last century and leave the path of enmity and hostility to our country and nation.

Meanwhile, Officials of the Swedish Committee in Kunduz announced tiday the provision of educational professions in Gol tepe district of Kunduz province, adding that the Swedish committee in Goltepe district is to provide sewing, carpentry, pottery and some other professions to the needy in about 30 villages of this district.

Mohammad Daud Wali, the representative of the Swedish Committee in Kunduz province, made this statement during a meeting with Mawlawi Mohammad Qadir Hamza, the district governor of Goltepe, Kunduz province.

Governor of Goltapeh, district of Kunduz province, mentioned the economic development plan provided by the Swedish committee in Goltepe district, adding that the implementation of this plan would solve most of the economic problems of those in need in the district.

Earlier, Ahmad Sedis, 16, who was abducted on Thursday from the Bakrabad district of Herat, was released from the clutches of abductors, yesterday due to the efforts of security officials.

The kidnappers had demanded a million-dollar from Sedis’s father. The kidnappers had hidden 16-year-old Sedis inside a bathroom in a house in Haji Abbas’s Zouri area.

Two kidnappers were killed in the rescue operation.

Sheikh Al-Hadith Mawlana Noor Ahmad Islam Jar, Governor of Herat, praised the efforts of the security forces by attending the security forces’ operation.

Meanwhile, the family and friends of the teenager expressed their gratitude for following up with the governor and the security forces.


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