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‘$2bn among frozen Afghanistan assets is investors’ money’


KABUL: The Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Industries recently announced that of the $9 billion frozen by the United States, $2 billion is investor money lent to the central bank.

Private banks have also said that part of the assets is people’s bank deposits stored in the central bank, the lack of money in the central bank has prevented private banks from returning people’s bank deposits to them.

The Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Industries has called for a review of Biden’s decision and called on the Islamic Emirate to follow up.

On the other hand, a source from the Organization of the Islamic Conference said that the organization is examining the controversial issue of confiscation of Afghan assets.

Conference of Islamic Conference foreign ministers’ pledges to release frozen Afghan assets at the last meeting in Islamabad, Pakistan

Meanwhile. The UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, on behalf of that organization, once again called for the release of frozen monetary in Afghanistan.

According to an Afghan news agency, Martin Griffiths, writes, in a tweet, calling on all countries to ensure the release of Afghanistan’s foreign exchange reserves in order to help the people and prevent economic collapse and humanitarian crisis in the country.

While, Joe Biden, The President of the United States, in a controversial executive order, ordered the confiscation of 7 billion of Afghanistan’s frozen assets under the pretext of paying “compensation” to the victims of 9/11 and offering aid to “help” the people of Afghanistan out of reach of the Islamic Emirate. has done.

The US presidential decree has provoked reactions among Afghans and other countries.

Earlier, the Taliban said US President Biden in defiance of all international norms initially frozen Afghanistan’s assets, which were deposited in his country’s banks, and now wants to use it irresponsibly.

The Islamic Emirate strongly condemns Biden’s unjustified actions as a violation of the rights of all Afghans.

The 9/11 attacks had nothing to do with Afghans.

Any tempering of the assets of the Afghan people under the pretext of the 9/11 incident is blatant abuse and injustice which is a clear violation of the agreement reached with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan as well as an attempt to cover up the 20 years of its crimes committed in Afghanistan.

The United States in order to avoid international reproach, and not to damage its relations with the Afghan people, must relinquish its decision.

Unfreeze the wealth of Afghans unconditionally and further refrain from any provocative actions that can lead to more mistrust.

If the United States does not deviate from its position and continues its provocative actions, the Islamic Emirate will also be forced to reconsider its policy towards its country.


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