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Muslim women celebrate world hijab day


KARACHI: Muslim women from all over the world celebrating World Hijab Day with great zeal for unity and empowerment to the Muslim women community. World Hijab Day is the initiative of a New York resident of Bangladeshi origins, Nazma Khan, who started this movement on February 1, 2013, with the first annual hijab day to inculcate religious tolerance and understanding by inviting women, either non-Hijabi Muslims or non-Muslim to join and experience the world through hijab for one day.

On World Hijab Day, Karachi-based abaya and hijab designer Nida Imran launched her latest collection of Turkish designs.

The 34-years old designer Ms. Imran told Turkish media, “Most of my customers are young girls who go to school, college or the office. They are now preferring the Turkish style abaya and hijab as they are more comfortable and easier to carry.”

“In Pakistan, due to weather conditions, we have to launch a new collection after four to five months and as the wedding season starts in winter, we get lots of orders for the festive collection. In that collection we create fancy abayas with their matching hijab, again taking inspiration from Turkish styles,” the designer said.

She further said, “One casual abaya with hijab starts from 2,000 rupees ($12) and the festive collection goes to a maximum of 8,000 rupees to 9,000 rupees ($40 to $50) and the customer wears the casual abaya eight to nine hours daily and the fancy abaya four to five hours depending on the event they are attending.”

The CEO of private marketing firm Pulse Consultant Kashif Hafeez told Turkish media, “The trend of hijab has come to the sub-continent from the Middle East and Arab countries. Chaddar or Dupatta was the tradition of the sub-continent but with globalization, this trend has come to our country and that is easier to carry for women in outdoor spaces.” 

Nida Imran said, “Just four to five years ago, we only used to make abayas and hijab in black colour but now after the Turkish and Malaysian trends, we have launched a range of colours because those styles of hijabs look better in different colours and black absorbs more heat. That is why people are now preferring nude, white, or light colour hijabs.”


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