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Santosh Kumar (actor)

Santosh Kumar was a popular Pakistani cinema actor in the 1950s and 1960s. He was born Syed Musa Abbas Raza on December 25, 1925, and died on June 11, 1982. He came from a well-educated Urdu-speaking family in British India’s Lahore. During the same period, his brother Darpan was a well-known film actor, while his other brother Suleiman was a film director.

He earned his bachelor’s degree from Usmania University in Hyderabad, Dakan India. Following his graduation, he agreed to play a hero in a film on the advice of a friend and went on to act in two Bombay films, Ahansa and Meri Kahani.

He travelled to Pakistan after India’s partition, when he began his career with Masood Pervez’s film “Bailey.” In this film based on the storey of Saadat Hassan Manto, Sabiha plays a supporting part. After the failure of “Bailey,” Santosh Kumar’s career was boosted by the films “Do Anso” and “Chen Wei.” Santosh continued on his quest, proving himself to be a wonderful performer in films such as Shehri Babu, Ghulam, Qatil, Inteqam, Sarfroosh, Ishq Laila, Hamida, Sat Lakh, Vada, Swal, Makhra, and Musikar.

Santosh and Sabiha Khanum had previously worked together in films, and while their on-screen performances had garnered acclaim, their real-life pairing proved to be wonderful and desirable.

In an interview with reporters, he revealed that he had previously served as the Foreign Minister of the film business. He is no longer with us, but his great work over his career will be remembered.

Daman, Kaneez, Dewar Bhabhi, Tasveer, Sham Dhale, Anjuman, Naila, Changari, Lori, Ghonghat, and Pak Daman are among Santosh’s notable films. Santosh Kumar, who has appeared in 92 films, has also received three Best Actor honours.

He is recognised not only as a superb actor but also as a man of high moral integrity by the film industry and his followers. Santosh Kumar, whose acting made romantic characters unforgettable. His on-screen and off-screen combination with Khanum was also well-liked by the public and properties.

Santosh Kumar commanded the film industry with his performances, but it was through his character that he garnered the respect and reputation that only a few actors have achieved.

He appeared in 84 films between 1950 and 1982. At the time of his death, Santosh was 56 years old. Rishta, Seema, Safaid Khoon, Bis Din, and Azad are some of Santosh Kumar’s more successful films.


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