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Nadeem Baig (actor, singer, and producer)

Mirza Nazeer Baig Mughal, better known by his stage name Nadeem Baig, is a Pakistani actor, singer, and producer who was born in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh on July 19, 1941. Since his debut in 1967 with the film Chakori, which became a box office success, the actor did not look back, Nadeem has acted in over 200 films and earned several honors, along with the 1997 Pride of Performance award.

In almost 200 films, Nadeem demonstrated the essence of acting. He also appeared in a number of TV shows. The film Aina, which was released in 1974, was his most commercially successful work. The amorous combination of Nadeem and Shabnam was favorably accepted by the public. Aaina was a box office success. Nadeem and Shabnam spent four months in the film with their remarkable performances, thanks to Ruben Ghosh’s melodic music and Nazar-ul-superb Islam’s direction. The role was so well-written and performed that it overshadowed the rest of the picture. The film has numerous blockbuster hits, like Nadan, Bandash, Chahat, Anari, and Dil Lagi, which established Nadeem as a multifaceted hero.

Nadeem and his family moved to Karachi, Pakistan, when the country gained independence in 1947. He received his education from Islamia College in Karachi. The Islamia Club was the epicentre of famous cinema and radio performers of the time. Various musical competitions were held to exhibit the college students’ skills. At the club, Nadeem was spotted alongside Talat Hussein, M. Zaheer Khan, Aftab Azeem, Saleem Jafry, and TV producer Iqbal Haider. Several music competitions were won by him and his companions. Firdousi Begum, a well-known vocalist at the time, discovered him during one of these musical events. She admired his singing ability and pushed him to pursue a career in Dhaka’s film industry as a playback singer.

Nadeem went on a cultural tour to Dhaka, where he was offered the role of Chakori Captain Ehtisham in a new film. When the film’s leading man left, Ehtisham gave Nadim a great chance as his leading man. The film was released on May 19, 1967, in both East and West Pakistan, and was a huge success.

Nadeem worked as an actor in movies in Karachi, Lahore, and Dhaka. He moved to Lahore in 1971, following the fall of Dhaka and the creation of Bangladesh. He has now relocated from Lahore to Karachi.

Nadeem has worked in the film industry for 42 years. He received the Best Actor’s Nigar Award in his debut film Chakori in front of high-profile actors such as Santosh Kumar, Muhammad Ali, Waheed Murad, Habib, and Kamal. He established a track record of success with films like Chotey sahib and Sangdil, which were both big hits. Nadan (1973), Anari, Pechan (1975), Talashi (1976), Aina (1977), Hum Donon (1980), Lajawab, Qurbani (1981), Sangdil (1982), and Dehleez (1983) are among Nadeem’s Diamond Jubilee films (1983).

In 1980, a special permit was obtained for an Indian film, Noor Jahan, to be screened in Pakistan, posing a threat to Pakistani filmmaking. Parvez Malik, the mastermind director, embraced the challenge and made “Hum Dono,” in which Nadeem plays two characters.

In addition to acting, Nadim has performed several songs and is known for his work as a playback vocalist. Nadim is primarily a singer, and he is the first Pakistani actor to have sung for a film. In twentieth-century Pakistan, most of his songs were popular.

Nadeem’s most recent major film appearance was in Superstar, in which he had a supporting part. He now only appears in a few films. Similarly, he appears in a number of television dramas. Despite the fact that they are over the same age, Nadeem is still active. Nadeem is the most senior actor in the Pakistani cinema business, and over his lengthy career, he has also become a singing sensation. Now, he plays the part of a character actor, which he enjoys. They are still fresh and eager for new experiences, which is proof of their excellence.

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