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Mohammad Ali (actor, Rampur, India)

Mohammad Ali, popularly known as “Shahenshah-e-Jazbaat,” or “Emperor of Emotions,” was a well-known Pakistani cinema actor. He acted in over 250 Pakistani films over his long and successful playing career, establishing himself as a renowned and talented actor.

He was born in British India to an Islamic scholar father and a housewife mother in Rampur, a district in the North Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. The family eventually relocated to Rohtak, Haryana, and then to Hyderabad, Pakistan, following Pakistan’s independence. Soon after, they relocated permanently to Multan, where Mohammad began his career in the entertainment industry. Because his older brother was already in the entertainment sector, Mohammad began his career as a radio announcer before moving on to filmmaking. In 1962, he made his acting debut in the art film ‘Chiragh Jalta Raha.’ The film went on to celebrate its silver jubilee in Pakistani theatres, laying a firm platform for Mohammad’s future success. His first leading role was in the 1963 film ‘Shararat.’ He went on to feature in over 250 films between then and the late 1990s. He met ace Pakistani performer Zeba in 1966, and the two married shortly after. Until his death in 2006, he was married to her.

After the formation of the Pakistan Film Industry, Muhammad Ali was regarded as one of the leading actors of the young generation; who else but Muhammad Ali could have painted a picture of reality in acting, dabbling in his character, his zealous use of the loud bomb of his loud voice, complete mastery over dialogue delivery, and full masculine justification? Since the 1960s, Muhammad Ali has witnessed firsthand the ups and downs of the Pakistani film business.

In 1963, Mohammad had his debut appearance as a leading “hero” in the film “Shararat.” For the first time, Mohammad performed a dual part, and the picture went on to become a tremendous smash, lasting 25 weeks in theatres.

‘Kaneez,’ a musical family drama, was Mohammad Ali’s debut golden-jubilee film, released in 1965. Mohammad appeared in various golden-jubilee films from the mid-to-late 1960s, including ‘Aina,’ ‘Aag,’ ‘Mehal,’ and ‘Saiqa.’

Mohammad Ali successfully established his own production company with his wife, actress Zeba, and went on to create more silver-jubilee pictures. For films like ‘Aag ka Darya,’ ‘Saiqa,’ and ‘Insaan aur Aadmi,’ he earned a number of ‘Nigar Awards’ for ‘Best Actor.’

Mohammad Ali appeared in a number of huge successes in the 1970s, including ‘Sabbaq,’ ‘Aas,’ ‘Samaj,’ ‘Gharana,’ and a Pakistani–German co-production, ‘Tiger Gang.’ For ‘Aina aur Soorat,’ he received another ‘Nigar Award’ for ‘Best Actor.’

From the mid-1970s until the late-1980s, he was the biggest celebrity in Pakistani cinema, with nearly every picture becoming platinum or golden jubilee smash. Many of his films from that period, like ‘Intekhab’ and ‘Bharosa,’ went on to become platinum-jubilee blockbusters, with a 75-week run in theatres.

Mohammad Ali slowed considerably in the 1980s, focusing on excellent films like ‘Jaaney Anjaaney’ and ‘Teri Baahon Mein.’ He had a brief role in the Indian Hindi film ‘Clerk,’ directed by Manoj Kumar, in 1989.

Mohammad Ali and Zeba had no children of their own, although they did raise Samina, Zeba’s daughter from a previous marriage. After Mohammad adopted her, she was given the name Samina Ali.

Mohammad Ali and his wife co-founded a couple of charitable organizations. The ‘Ali-Zeb Foundation,’ their charitable organization, assisted terminally sick people. Mohammad Ali died of a heart attack in Lahore on March 19, 2006. According to a CNN poll, he is one of the top 25 Asian actors of all time. Mohammad Ali and Zeba have a long history in the Pakistani cinema business, having collaborated on a number of blockbusters. After then, Zeba focused on Muhammad Ali rather than other heroes. He was well-dressed, had impeccable taste, and had a large circle of acquaintances. His unique personality filled the screen in movies, and there were whispers about his appealing personality even in everyday life. He is memorable, and he will continue to be memorable since he has an amazing personality that has affected many generations.

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