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Dr. Amr Khaled (Muslim activist and television preacher)

Amr Khaled is an Egyptian televangelist to the Islamic world since 1998. He communicates Islamic preaching through television shows and web campaigns using Islamic ethics as a way to inspire, foster community development, tolerance, and intercultural relations.

Doctor Amr Khalid was born in Alexandria on November 5th, 1965. Even though he grew up in an affluent household, he couldn’t ignore the poverty and suffering of others around him, as well as their need for a development effort to guide their beliefs and religion, as well as a development project to boost their salaries and wages. After completing elementary and secondary school and graduating from high school, he enrolled in the faculty of commerce at the University of Cairo to pursue graduate studies, earning a bachelor’s degree in accounting. He then switched his studies to something completely different, Islamic studies, earning a diploma in 2001, and completing his academic background in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in Islamic studies with a Ph.D. in Islamic law from the British University of Wales.

He began preaching full-time in 1998, largely on satellite television. Khaled’s famous lectures are broadcast on an Islamic channel and are also available on the Internet as well as on audio and videotape recorders.

Apart from that, Khaled’s popularity stems from the fact that he appeals to the ordinary individual. He has an accounting degree and no formal religious education; he wears suits and ties and has a clean-shaven face except a trimmed mustache; these are not characteristics you would assume from a Muslim preacher.

On Dubai Television, Khaled is recognized for producing the first Muslim reality TV show, Mujaddidun. His website has been translated into over twenty languages, and his YouTube videos have had over 196 million views. In addition, he has over 46 million followers across all of his social media platforms.

Despite this, Dr. Amr Khaled continued to host the TV show “Life Makers” between 2004 and 2005, in which he provided ideas for pilot projects in various economic and social fields, he also hosted a TV show called “On the footsteps of the beloved man” in 2005, in which he walked through the life of the Prophet Mohammed, Peace be upon him. In addition, he launched a new show called “With the Name of God, we live,” in which he endeavored to give the names of Allah a higher significance and spiritual depth.

Khaled’s main objective is to motivate Muslim communities to flourish by themselves, guided by Islamic beliefs, which he believes should be linked to interfaith dialogue, tolerance, and moderation.

The disintegration of communities, according to Khaled, is to blame for the melancholy in the Muslim world, and it puts the future of young people in threat.

‘Life Makers,’ a program he started to achieve this goal of community development, with the declared goal of encouraging youngsters to volunteer in charity. That show was a huge success, and it grew into one of Egypt’s most well-known charity organizations.

Amr Khaled was a founding member of the Egypt Party and was chosen as its president during the 25 January 2011 revolution in Egypt; however, he resigned one day after the Egyptian coup d’état in 2013.


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