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Police claims solving BD actress murder


DHAKA: The murder mystery of famous Bangladeshi film actress Raima Islam Shamo has been solved with the help of evidence found in a plastic cord, Bangladeshi police say.

The body of Raima Islam Shamo, who had been missing for a few days, was found on the outskirts of the capital Dhaka on Monday.

Raima Islam’s husband and a friend who allegedly helped her in the murder have been arrested, Dhaka police said in a press conference on Tuesday.

Dhaka District Superintendent of Police Maroof Hussain Sardar said the killing was due to a family dispute.

“After the body was found, we went to the spot on Monday night,” he said. When there was suspicion, we questioned Raima’s husband and a friend. We arrested him on the basis of evidence and suspicion.

He declined to give further details at the press conference, but on Tuesday night, the Bangladesh Police News website provided detailed information about the murder, the attempt to dispose of the body, and the murder.

According to them, after identifying the body, when the police reached the house of the actress to collect evidence, they found a suspicious bundle of plastic wire from the car of the actress’ husband. To dispose of the body, two sacks were sewn together with the same plastic cord.

The vehicle was washed with water after disposal and the body was sprayed with bleach powder to remove the stench. Police immediately took note of the incident and later detained Raima’s husband for questioning on suspicion. Police say that during the interrogation, the husband confessed to the murder. A friend of the husband who assisted in the murder was also arrested.

The incident took place on Sunday, January 16, when the actress was strangled to death at 8 am. The husband then called his friend to dispose of the body.

The two accused brought sacks from outside and put the body in it and sealed it with a plastic cord. He then sent the janitor out for breakfast and left the body in his car. At first, they went to Mirpur but when they could not find a suitable place to dispose of the body, they returned to their homes.

In the evening of the same day, they again crossed the Bachela Bridge in Muhammadpur area of ​​Dhaka and threw the body in the bushes near the road 300 yards away from Alipur Bridge, the police said.

Both the accused have been described by the police as addicted to alcohol and unemployed.

Raima Islam Shamu lived in Dhaka with her two children and husband. Her sister said she became suspicious after her phone rang and she did not return home on Sunday. After that, search for them was started in hospitals and police stations.

Upon learning that the body of an unknown woman had been found on Tuesday, they rushed to the hospital where they identified the body. Fatima Nisha said that whoever has committed murder must be punished.


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