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The Taliban are depriving women of free life, UN says


NEWYORK: A report issued by United Nations (UN) this week says Taliban leaders in Afghanistan are creating a system of institutionalization based on violence against women and girls and widespread gender bias.

In a tweet posted on the group’s official website, the experts claimed that the Taliban leaders were removing women and girls from normal life under a system of gender bias and violence, which was a serious violation of human rights. The international community must take the necessary steps to provide humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan in light of women’s emancipation and needs, as Taliban leaders in Afghanistan have imposed heavy sanctions on women and girls as well as fear, violence, and widespread gender bias. Creating an institutional system.

UN experts have sounded alarm bells on several occasions since the Taliban took over Afghanistan and warned the world that the situation needs to be brought under control immediately.

Experts further say that these policies based on gender bias and harmful practices are a punishment for women and girls.

“We are concerned about the exclusion of women from the social, economic, and social spheres through concerted efforts across the country,” she said. In the case of women, this concern is compounded by the fact that their isolation poses a further threat to them in Afghanistan.

Experts also observed that this practice would pose a risk of exploitation of Muslim women and girls and could be used for early marriage, sexual exploitation, and forced labor.

The report claims that discriminatory policies prevent women from working, going out with men in public places, ban private travel for women on public transport, and strictly enforce dress codes for women and girls. The Taliban has already banned women from participating in sports.

Experts say the restrictions limit women’s freedom of expression, association, public and political advancement, and that these policies affect women’s ability to work and push them further into poverty. Forcing The women heads of families have been severely affected by this process, and their plight has been exacerbated by the humanitarian crisis in the country. The continued denial of women’s and girls’ rights to secondary education is of particular concern.


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