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Jaun Elia

Poet, Writer

Jaun Elia is a modern-day poet who is well-known. Despite the fact that he died in the last decade, his poetry continues to inspire the public, particularly the youth. Elia inspired the Pakistani community’s youth in general. Jaun Elia is a philosopher, biographer, and scholar in addition to being a poet.

Syed Asghar nicknamed Jaun Elia, Pakistan’s most prominent and important poet, was born in Amroha on December 14, 1931. Shafiq Hasan Elia, his father, gave him his early education. He received degrees in Adeeb Kamil (Urdu), Kamil (Persian), and Fazil (Arabic) (Arabic). He supervised writing and compilation at the Ismailia Association of Pakistan in Karachi from 1963 to 1968 after his move to Pakistan in 1957. He also worked for the Board of the Urdu Dictionary. Even though earning a livelihood was a huge challenge in Elia’s life, he authored a literary article that was sold under the guidance of Shakeel Adil Zada. Although the trial was a success, Shakeel went on to print his digest, which became more popular.

He produced brief pieces for the world-famous digest Sisyphus near the end of his life, and his essays were well-received due to his distinct writing style. Juan was well-known for his romantic and anti-romantic poems, but he also wrote several daring poems that gained little notice.

When he was 60 years old, he released his first collection of poetry, “Maybe.”. John Elia investigates the environment and society in which he had the opportunity to express his opinions in the foreword to this book, entitled Niazmandana. After he died in 2003, his second collection of poems, “ie,” was released, and his third collection, “Guman,” was published in 2004. “But” (2006), “Goya” (2008), and “Farnood,” a collection of short essays, were all released in 2012.

His first collection of poetry, “Maybe”, was published when he was 60 years old۔ In the foreword to this book, written by John Elia, entitled Niazmandana, he examines in depth the conditions and culture in which he had the opportunity to express his views. The second collection of his poetry “ie” was published after his death in 2003 and the third collection “Guman” was published in 2004. “But” 2006, “Goya” 2008, and a collection of short essays “Farnood” 2012 ، and Ramouz it’s a Log Nazam Collection, have also come to light.

In John Elia’s poems, there are as many hues as there are in his life. He received more love after his death as a poet than he was during his life. He is the young generation’s favorite and ideal poet. His poetry collections are marketed as a pair, and that’s the end of it. June Elijah is one of’s most widely read poets.

The popularity of John Elia can be attributed to several factors. A big portion of his poetry is written in such a way that it does not require the use of a dictionary to comprehend. His poetry strikes a chord in the heart and lingers in the mind. He did, however, write challenging poetry. John Elia’s distinct and discrete accent draws a large number of young people. Especially his poetic recitation of his poems. Although John Elia is a well-known Urdu poet, he lacked the necessary skills to live a regular life. In a lengthy interview with Independent Urdu, Siraj Naqvi stated that John Elia is a famous poet of the Urdu language, but that he failed as a spouse and father. John was a member of my family and close friends. Zahida Hina is not a member of my family. He isn’t even from the state of Uttar Pradesh. However, I must state unequivocally that Mr. John Elia was incorrect in his management of the home system.

His greatness as a poet takes precedence, yet the agony of emigration overtook him to the point where he forgot about his family responsibilities. I read an article by her daughter Finana Farnam in which she laments the fact that my father died for the world in 2002 but not for us. In this piece, he goes into great depth on John Elia’s incompetence. According to John Elia’s close acquaintances, he desired to maintain contact with his children even after his divorce from Zahida Hina. The majority of the money, which totaled roughly Rs. 25 million during this time, was in their children’s names. Not only that but the royalties from all of John Elijah’s works are divided among his offspring. As a result, the label of a failing husband and father is not accurate, as there is another side to the story.

Homelessness and being separated from his children had turned John Elijah, a previous alcoholic, into a drinker who was lonely and depressed. While he was already inebriated. The same circumstances kept him from contracting infections and eventually dying. However, in his poetry and prose, as well as his sincere dialogues and simple poetry in poetry, this blazing star of Pakistani poetry and literature shone brightly. His particular reading style, as well as his selections, established him as one of modern poetry’s most prominent and well-known poets. Percentage validated John Elia’s prediction that he would be remembered more than ever after he left. John Elia died on November 8, 2002, in Karachi, but his memory lives on throughout the worlds of poetry and literature.

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