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Muslim Legends

Ibn e Insha

Poet, Writer, Translator, Humorist, Columnist

Ibn e Ansha is a well-known figure in Urdu literature. He was a one-of-a-kind poet, writer, translator, humorist, columnist, and travel writer, among other things. He is one of the most well-known Urdu comedians, poets, and writers. In both poetry and prose, he raised the banner of his uniqueness, art, and success.

He was born in a rural agricultural family in the Jalandhar district on June 15, 1927 (East Punjab). This family did not value education. My father was the only one who completed the fourth grade. He was born Sher Muhammad, but instead of being a Rajput, he became Sher Muhammad Khan. In 1946, he received his BA from Punjab University, and in 1953, he received his MA from Karachi University. He was named director of the National Book Council in 1962. In 1960, he began writing a column for the newspaper Imrooz Karachi under the pseudonym Darwish Damascus. He joined the daily Anjam Karachi in 1965 and the daily Jang in 1966, where he remained until his death. For a long time, he was the director of the National Book Council.

He added a fresh sense of humor to Urdu literature. His exquisite lyrical poetry also demonstrated significant accomplishments. He was quite lucky to have a large following during his lifetime. Many singers across the country covered his lyrics and writings. This series wasn’t only about Pakistan. The fans adored Insha-distinct Ji’s sense of humor. In his poetry, he combined Mir and Nazeer in a lovely way. In his poetry, he has also utilized the delicate and compassionate phrases of Hindi. He also performed a lot of great translations and gave a lot of lovely travelogues, such as the Wanderer’s Diary. The globe is round, and if you trek to China in search of Ibn Battuta, you will find travelers from city to city. Apart from it, his other works include Khumar-e-Gandam, Baatin Insha Ji Ki, and Qissa Ek Kanwara in Urdu. Sardar Muhammad, Abin e Ansha’s younger brother, states, “Brother John (Ibn e Ansha) often bemoaned the fact that two things in life had injured me.” My matriculation exam is one, and my early marriage is the other.”

Ibn e Ansha married Aziza Bibi in Ludhiana in 1941 for the first time. Ibn e Insha fathered Aziza Bibi’s son and daughter. And when Ibn e Ansha and Aziza Bibi divorced, there was no divorce, therefore Aziza Bibi remained his wife for the remainder of her life but avoided him. Insha-Ji married for the second time as well, and the couple had two kids from this union. Chhetri’s narrative is similar: Mehbooba was a lightning-speed runner. She had a broad perspective on life. She made fun of him at first. He then intended to take advantage of Insha’s insane behavior. Mian joined in on the fun. Orders began to arrive at Insha. It bothered Insha Ji. Insha is making you, her friends told her over and over. This is a relationship as well. Why are you robbing me of this connection?

Insha Ji has written in one place about his first love: No matter how big and respectable we grow as adults; first love strikes us like a young child and breathes inside us. How can this love not recognize where a calf, like a lover, takes it so desperately in its arms that nothing can be seen again… Waiting for the Hajj heat not to kill me? Only that the beloved is the one who is discovered so many decades afterward is remembered. All of their grievances have become unimportant because they have touched so much and appear so close to each other. The secret is that we maintain our first love tied to ourselves since it is our reflection. The Pakistani government had sent him to England for treatment in the final days of his life, but cancer’s brutal hands separated him from his millions of fans. Ibn e Ansha died in London on January 11, 1978. The funeral was held in Karachi. He received the Presidential Medal of Excellence in 1978. Fans, insha’Allah, still remember him and will continue to do so in the future.

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