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Taliban gives timeline to reopen girls’ schools


KABUL: Taliban announced the timeline to reopen the schools for girls as said hopeful to open schools all over the country after March this year. Opening of girls’ schools is one of the two important demands made by the international community.

Taliban has imposed ban on girls’ education by 7th grade after capturing the country in mid-August, 2021 while international community once again suspects strict measures by Taliban as they had been banned female education and employment in their first tenure 20 years back.

International community doesn’t accept Taliban govt and instead to give right to women and to make a combined govt in the country.

Taliban’s Deputy Minister for Culture and Information, Zabihullah Mujahid in an interview to a western news agency said, education department is trying to reopen the educational institutions for female students from the new year in the country from March 21.

He said, “education for girls and women is a question of ability to rule, completely separate schools for girls should be in placed and for us the most difficult problem is to find out or construction of hostels for female students though separate buildings also needed as only separate classrooms are not enough in heavy populated areas, we are not against girls’ education.”

Despite loud claims from Taliban, girls are not allowed to come schools after grade 7 in 24 four provinces out of 34 though private schools and universities in the capital city remain open after arrangement of separate classrooms.

Zabihullah Mujaid said, he is hopeful to resolve these issues by the start of Noroze (new year), so schools and university would reopen.

International community has the view to review the policy about Taliban on their practical measures as suspecting their claims and hesitating to provide billions of dollars to prevent human catastrophe despite UN Secretary General beware that the lives of hundreds of thousands of Afghans are in danger.

At least 30 hundred thousand of Afghan are badly affected by extreme cold weather. They left their homes because of war, drought, poverty and fear of Taliban and forced to live like refugees in their own country. Early this month UN appealed $5 billion for relief operation.

Many country including US has the complaint against Taliban doesn’t include a single woman and other ethnic groups in the govt despite promise, but Zabihullah Mujahid during the interview said, in his ministry as well as ministry of finance many officials remain same as previous Afghan govt.

He said, “80 percent of previous govt civilian employees have come back on work, women are working in health and education sectors and also in Customs and Passport Control departments.”

Zabihullah Mujahid also admitted some incidents of harassing citizens, which includes insulting youth and forced fully cutting hears. He said, these crimes happened, but this is not the policy of our govt, we arrest the responsible, he added.  


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