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Muslim Legends

Azar Zobi

Sculptor and Painter

Inayatullah was Azar Zobi’s actual name. He was born in Kasur on August 28, 1922. He received a scholarship to study painting in Italy after graduating from the Mayo School of Art in Lahore in 1943. He went home in 1954 after studying in Italy from 1950 to 1953 and exhibiting his first solo work at Punjab University’s Department of Fine Arts. Later, he and his family relocated to Karachi. He was awarded the Presidential Medal for Excellence by the Government of Pakistan in 1980.

Azar Zobi also published a literary journal in Karachi in 1956 called Shoor. He taught at the School of Arts, Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi, and was the principal of that school. In 1968, Azar Zobi founded the School of Decor, an institute for training in painting, sculpture, and interior decoration. He had an international reputation for painting and sculpture. Zobi worked on new aspects of art throughout his life. He had a keen eye for modern art. Azar Zobi has always sincerely devoted all his energies to the promotion of art. Dar was a sculptor. He made large living statues of some literary figures, one of which was the statue of the famous novelist Mumtaz Mufti. Mufti says that he did not like the statue at all. I reluctantly put it in a store but as I got older, I kept looking at the statue. That as soon as I become like that statue, I will die on the same day. He created that statue of Mumtaz Mufti long before the time he was supposed to be.

Shafi Aqeel, an art critic and close friend of Azar Zobi, quotes Azar Zobi in his book Two Artists: In the last days, Azar Zobi had started a series of large-scale drawings, about which Shafi Aqeel writes: “These drawings or sketches were of the naked style which was Zobi’s favorite subject. He was a little too interested in making a woman’s naked body … who was making nude sketches or drawings and the way he was making them would add four to five more. There was no change in the subject, no change in the shapes. The angles of the bodies did not change and there was no distortion in the letters.

There was a woman sitting or two, and the facial features were the same. He made about a hundred of these drawings. “Another place writes” It is necessary to master the realistic before doing abstract work. At the same time, it is important to learn anatomy. Applying an inverted straight brush does not make a painting. ” Used to tell Interestingly, in this regard, he has some of his own works of art which are made in an abstract or semi-abstract style are especially the illustrations that he has made in some books such as “Birth Horoscope”, “Red Lace” and “Before Death”. When he had just arrived from Italy, he had made several scraper drawings, all of which are abstract, most of which give rise to the idea of ​​a sculpture.

As Chairman of the Council of Economic and Development Affairs, the crown prince unveiled “Vision 2030,” a He died on September 1, 2001, in Karachi. Azar Zobi was laid to rest in the graveyard of the Defense Society in Karachi. Azar Zobi’s death is a mystery, some believe he committed suicide and others say he was killed, but police have never been able to solve the problem.


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