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Nisar Bazmi (Composer, writer, poet)

Nisar Bazmi was a composer and music director of the Indian and Pakistani film industries. He was also known as one of the most famous musicians in South Asia. Nisar has been awarded the Presidential Medal of Excellence and had received numerous Nigar Awards for his outstanding contributions to the music industry.

Nisar Bazmi added a new dimension to Pakistani music. Unlike Punjabi artists, his music had a strong urban flavor to it. He had introduced several fresh singers to the industry, including Alamgir.

He had introduced several fresh singers to the industry, including Alamgir. Before partition, the famed composer duo Laxmikant-Pyarelal worked as musicians for Nisar Bazmi in India, and then went on to become notable music composers.

Syed Nisar Ahmed, the pride of Pakistan, is the son of Syed Qudrat Ali. He was born in Khandesh, Naseerabad, Bombay, India, in the year 1924. His masterworks include Shama Aur Parwana, Umra o Jaan Ada, and Aisa Bhi Hota Hai. Nisar didn’t come from a family of artists. As a result, he had no prior musical experienced. The young genius’s exceptional abilities were never more apparent than in 1937.

Nisar Bazmi’s musical enthusiasm inspired Khan Saheb Aman Ali Khan, a notable Indian musician from Bombay, to teach him music. At the time Nisar Bazmi was only 13. He was gifted with creative ability and quickly learned the many ragas, musical instruments, and took all music courses to heart. In 1944, he had a magical moment when he composed songs for a drama called “Nadir Shah Durrani,” which was broadcast on the Bombay Radio Station. All of his drama songs, on the other hand, became masterpieces. However, his composition drew a fresh Indian film producer at the time. The producer asked Nisar Bazmi to compose the songs for his film ” Jamna Par “, which was released in 1946.

During his time in India, twenty-eight films were released. However, once he migrated to Pakistan, the rest of his films were released in India.

Noor Jahan, Runa Laila, Ahmed Rushdi, Mehdi Hassan, Faisal Nadeem, and Saleem Shahzad all had popular songs composed by Nisar Bazmi.

Nisar migrated to Pakistan on June 21, 1962. Once permanently settled in Pakistan, he resumed his music career by simultaneously composing songs for two movies. His superfluous composition in director S. Sulaiman’s film “Aag” brought him to the forefront of Pakistani cinema.

He had composed anthems for the Pakistan Navy and also written poetry, which has been published in the book “Phir Saz Sada Khamosh Huwa” formed by his student Faisal Latif who emerged as a versatile singer.

Nisar has been awarded several important honors, including the Presidential Medal of Excellence. Bazmi is one of the most iconic musicians of the country, he died after a long illness at the age of 82 in Karachi, Pakistan. He had received numerous Nigar Awards for his outstanding contributions to the music industry.


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