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War crimes accused Ex Syrian spy may sentence in Germany


BEIRUT: A German court may sentence Ex Syrian spy for War Crimes for Thursday as proceedings have concluded, Western media reported.

Reason behind the probe against accused for alleged crime against humanity is also highlighting the oppressed system of ruling system by Bashar ul Asad regime.

After 108 days’ daily proceedings, Court would announce the decision of the case against former intelligence agent Anwer Aar in Eastern German city of Cob lance on Thursday. 58 years Anwer worked as a senior member of the organization homonym of Syrian President Bashar ul Asad’s oppression.

Anwer Aar was the Inchage of 251st branch of Syrian Intelligence Service and served on the rank of Colonel, security of capital Damascus also included in his responsibilities.

This branch of the intelligence agency situated along with a prison. According to the charge sheet, in April 2011 and September 2012, 4000 prisoners were tortured during 500 days.

Effected from alopecia areata, 58 years old colonel is a controversial personality started his career in the security service before getting known as an expert of playing death and life of the prisoners, but by the End of 2013, he became the opponent of the Asad regime. He also became advisor for resistance against Bashar govt and played a prominent role in the opposition before leaving for Germany.

In 2014, Former colonel of Syrian security forces came to Germany along with the family. He applied for political asylum and got residential permit, made a new home in Berlin. Anwer had feared that  Syrian Intelligence following him, so he contacted German police and they asked him the details, He also wished to reply all questions by German police regarding time spent in Syria.

Close sources of German investigators told Western media, Anwer clearly even didn’t image to face any case. He was looking free of feeling any guilt during telling own stories to the investigation team.

After months long investigation process finally Chief Federal prosecutor office, was arrested Anwer in February 2019.

Germany court declared him guilty in an historic case of oppression, though this was acted far from Germany, but during the investigation collected avoidance is enough. 17 male and female Syrian immigrants settled in Germany are the witnesses in the case while 9 others are the complainants in European Centre for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR).

Attorney against Anwer, Wolfgang Kaleck, also the founder the ECCHR in Berlin, knows very well the importance of investigations of Syrian oppression for the victims. Kaleck told Western media, after court proceeding in 2020, one of the victims said, “I came to Germany in 2015 as a refuge, without any right even the right to live, he asked will this proceeding return my life to me?

 Germany attorney present a list of charges against Anwer including torture, electrocution, sexual abuse and sexual attacks. According to an estimate at least 58 prisoners died due to sewer torture.

Earlier another accused, Ayad Aay was sentenced in February last year. This Ex-agent of the Syrian Intelligence sentenced for four and half year in prison for helping crimes and criminal activities           

A week before decision, team of defending lawyers filed a petition for the acquittal of Anwer Aar in the court. Petition in the highest court of Cob lance, Defense lawyer said, neither his client torture nor directed to torture, but made arrangements for the release of the prisoners. He said, accused also denied all charges from the start of the proceedings             


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