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Kamal alleges PPP provoking for ethnic violence in Karachi


The Chairman of Pak Serzameen Party (PSP), Syed Mustafa Kamal alleged Pakistan People’s Party, ruling in Sindh province, provoking ethnic violence in Karachi by governing the province on the bases of ethnicity and hatred, causing people deprived and linguistic division.  

Addressing a press conference at Pakistan House (party headquarters) Kamal said, both federal and provincial govts have failed and country has mortgaged to the Iinternational Mmonitoring Fund (IMF).

He said, govt behind the opposition and opposition trying to down govt. PPP providing chance to anti state elements for using the youth against Pakistan by putting people on the wall.

He said,” Sindh got Rs 10,242 billion, but no one knows where this huge amount used, we need to answer of money and authority, he urged people of Karachi to raise their voice for coming generations, we have to protect children of Thar, who die by dog biting and also free people of Sindh, Kamal added.

Kamal pledged to restore the powers of local bodies as alleged PPP for making all departments under the umbrella of Local bodies a pond of corruption as Sindh govt taking their control one by one.

He maintained, conditions of other provinces are also not good, but Sindh is facing worst as govt is handing over educational institutions’ building to the charity organizations by closing schools. People from Karachi to Tharparkar thirsty for dripping water, Sindh govt couldn’t install a single water line. If anyone raise voice against Sindh govt publicly welcome by the bullets. Families of Umm-e-Rubab and Nazim Jokhio are asking justice from the courts, He added.

Kamal also alleged, Sindh govt perform it functions on ethnic bases for delimitations, creating new districts and towns as the Chief Minister is a supporter of ethnic politics, who is spectacle by taking all powers in his hands. If Sindh govt has right to interfere in local govt’s affairs so federal govt can also intervene in provincial matters.

He also warranted state institutions, this is the time to give a loose to Sindh govt as Karachiets had faced enough cruelty, he also urged people to participate in protest rally against Sindh govt at Tibat Centre of M A Jinnah Road on January 30th .  


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