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JI announces ‘Sit In’ at Shahr e Faisal on Sunday


KARACHI: Jamat e Islami Karachi Chief, Hafiz Naeem ur Rehman announced to stage a ‘Sit In’ on Sunday at Shahr e Fiasal (life line for Karachi) against newly passed local bodies amended act by the Sindh Assembly in December last year.  

JI and other opposition parties termed the law as Black Law and protesting & alleging Sindh for making local bodies use less as all power grab by the provincial Govt in the law.

JI’s ‘Sit In’ Infront of Sindh Assembly continues for last 16 days. Addressing to the participants, Hafiz Naeem appealed the citizens to reach Shahr e Faisal in large number on Sunday where a huge protest to be held.

He said, “Sit In’ is the struggle for providing education, transport and health facilities as well as jobs to the youth and make the city empowered as unfortunate all govt parties neglected Karachi.

Naeem said, metropolis facing worst situation despite running the provincial and country’s economy, ten million people didn’t count in the senses and land lords seated in the Assembly want to occupy Karachi after rural Sindh, struggle of JI is against land lord thinking.    

Sindh Govt formed a committee to make a dialogue with the protesting religious group in the supervision of local bodies minister Syed Nasir Hussain Shah, but two days back information minister Saeed Ghani, also a member of the committee from govt side, made some disrespected remarks against opposition parties. He alleged Jamat e Islami as B team of Martial Law administrators, who has a single member in the assembly, trying to pressurized provincial govt of 100 members in the house. Naeem said, both the protest and dialogues will continue with govt until the Black Law will be withdrawn.   


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