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PPP starts preparations for Anti IK Govt March


Pakistan people’s party has started the preparations for Anti Imran Khan govt march in Sindh on city and districts level, parties labor, women and youth wings also mobilized, it is learnt.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari announced anti govt long march from February 27.

On Tuesday, PPP Sindh President, Nisar Khoro called a combined meeting of Sindh People’s Youth, Hari Committee, Women & Labor wings.

Meeting over viewed the arrangements of long march from Mazar e Quaid on February 27.

Khoro said on this occasion, 70 population of Sindh depends on agriculture, but in the province, fertilizers are not available so farmers are worried and will face heavy loss as crops will be reduced.

He announced, protest rallies from January 21 to 30 in the different parts of the province against shortage of fertilizer. He also criticized the Pakistan Democratic Movement by saying “if PMD didn’t relate the Long March with the resignations from parliament so this govt has been sent home far earlier.”

But now PPP will force Imran Khan to go home by the people’s power, govt is trying to make Pakistan a colony of foreign funded organizations, Khoro maintained.

Earlier, Provincial Minister and party’s Karachi division President, Saeed Ghani also presided a meeting of all districts officer bearers for finalizing the arrangements for the Long March.

Ghani told the participants; we are responsible for all arrangements as march will be started from Karachi. And will make a stay at 7 places so all districts start their arrangements, this march will be proven final nail in the coffin of this govt, He added.      


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