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Sindh opposition leader criticizes health sector performance


KARACHI: Opposition leader in Sindh Assembly, Haleem Adil Shaikh, once again criticizes provincial govt for its poor performance in health sector by saying that 76,000 doses of Corona vaccine have lost, NAB also investigating corruption in Covid fund. govt hospitals have handed over to NGOs, Provincial Governor’s nephew couldn’t get dog bite vaccine in any govt hospital yesterday,

Addressing a press conference at Sindh Assembly, Haleem said, yesterday press conference by Murtaza Wahab, Sindh Govt Spokesman, was an eye wash, “They don’t need Health Card but money, it’s an enmity to people of Sindh, what is the fault of Sindh people? Two MNAs of PPP elected from Karachi belongs to Zob and Pasheen, don’t they treatment here. People from country live in metropolis, yesterday’s by Murtaza Wahab is based on lie, can he tell who’s money is this? This is tax pair money”, Haleem added.

Opposition leader also blamed govt that they couldn’t manage to run a Basic Health Unit (BHU), He also raised the question on Asif Ali Zardari’s treatment in private hospital and said, if Health Card facility provided to people of Sindh so poor man can also treated next to bed of Mr Zardari, suggesting he should be treated in govt hospital of Larkana, Nawab Shah or Mirpur Khas.

Haleem Adil said that Sindh Govt get billions of rupees only for health sector, but Ali Hassan Zardari going abroad for treatment, only a single burns ward facility available in the province and this is also run by an NGO. National Institute of Cardio Vascular Diseases (NICVD) has to return lones of 16 billion, but CEO Nadeem Qamer have got salary of over Rs 225 million rupees during last 3 years, Senator Raza Rabbani is lawyer of NICVD in NAB and he got Rs16 million for fee in 18 cases.

Leader of the Opposition said, Sindh Govt statics based on lie, they only register the patients and calming treatment, In Ghotki all patients refer to Karachi as they all have helicopter by their own.

He disclosed that yesterday dog bit to 14 year old nephew of Governor Sindh’s Imran Ismail and he couldn’t get the vaccine in govt hospital and final boy’s father has to got private hospital where he vaccinated after payment.


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