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The elite have no grievances: Dr Kaiser Bengali


Karachi: “There are two Pakistans, one for the elite one for the poor. I am not aware how many people come here in a bus, but I came in my car,” said the renowned economist and researcher Dr. Kaiser Bangali. While at a book launching ceremony of “The Current Chronicle” written by Mirza Shahnawaz Agha, Dr Bengali said those who came in a car, all belonged to the upper class. He supported the statement of Mr. Agha, on the continuity of colonialism in Pakistan, white colonials have been converted into brow colonials.

Dr Bangali highlighted discrimination between the elite and the poor in resources. We are running this country as a colonial state, benefits exclusively made for us (elite) not people of Pakistan, he added.

We send our children to those schools where fees of schools are more than three times of guard’s wages. If the guard is earning 12 thousand, it means that the monthly fee of each student would be 30 to 40 thousand rupees. Dr Bengali said, we (elite) have no grievances, we are the people who made two Pakistan.

Dr Bangali explained the other side of the story, actual people were living in cabbage towns. On average living standard in most of the cities in Pakistan are 9 people were living in a single room.

He criticized the state for not delivering necessities like drinking water, education system. These systems are collapsed, but as elite, we can buy imported mineral water and our children can study at O level or A level. The government-based secondary education system is only for poor people.

In a conclusion, he suggested that we have to demolish two Pakistan and make them one. We have to make only one Pakistan, where everyone can live equally.


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