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The situation around in the country is hilarious and the monkey business is rife with that constant alibi, that there is presence of method in this madness! Is this a sanctioned course by the people of Pakistan, that Institutions of the State can disregard law and the ideology of the State and determine an ad-hoc order based on their will and whims. Perhaps yes, as is evident from the situation on the ground! It is tiring writing about all that is happening within the Institutions of the State as too much is already being said and written by all and sundry. Perhaps what should be established for all, beyond ambiguity, are the colonial laws that enable such action and inaction both. What needs definition is the status of the Institutions and the functionaries that man them with the limitation of their respective authority. More. What we need is a bureaucracy based on merit that are job specific, instead of political appointees who convert governance into a profit center for the governors.

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is the first ideologically based Nation State in contemporary history and for whatever the reasons we are required to follow what we were created for. Leaning therefore on our ideology let us first take the status of the Institutional Functionaries. Who are these people, we the taxpayers have hired for our security, our legitimate co-existence and management? They are but servants and not of the State; they are servants of us the people. The Colonist enabled them to be called the servants of the State or the Crown by design so that they can rule and not serve. This defined status is crucial. In independent Pakistan this is the first of the thorns that must be removed from our body politics. Next come the limitations of these servants.

The armed forces are there to protect us the population from external treats to our territorial and ideological frontiers. This is a vital pillar of any Nation State and they are required to defend us based on defense resources they can produce create within, in terms of hardware and skills and not by politics. They must include under their umbrella the entire population of the country and must be fashioned to lean on merit for professionalism and Islam for motivational criteria only, and certainly without any political bias whatsoever.

By the same analogy we have the next pillar of the State that is the Judiciary. Here the institution has to be the neutral umpire between the governors and the governed and the ultimate island of recourse for all citizens across the board. Political bias or any subservience to the Executive, the Armed Forces or the politicians is a taboo. This is the most respected pillar of the State and with a right to over rule any breach of State Management once legally detectable. Their financial autarky is an obligation of all the people to fulfill and they are indeed above corruption being the best-paid servants. These are the people who live and die in their profession and are subject to capital punishments for wavering in their obligations to us the people. Then finally come the Executives who are regulators and managers of welfare for us the people equitably and across the board. These servants of us the people are a cost and therefore have to be worthy of their respective jobs description and must be able to perform as mandated.

Representing us the people to mandate the bureaucracy are elected representatives that must effectively cover the entire canvas comprising the population and must, yet again, be effectively mandated by us the people to represent us in assemblies that legislate laws for all issues without political bias. To prevent monolithic governance and to shelve dictatorship the smaller the number of people in individual constituencies the more effective will be the spirit of democracy in any society. We pay for these representatives of the people and at the root of their hiring contract should be that cost which each population unit can afford. Governance all told therefore must have a cost cast in stone and audited for labor input. Once these definitions and costs are legislated we can hope to put a Master Plan for the country into gear.

The Master Plan needs to revolve around the management of land, population and Natural Resources.

If land is demarcated for use based on the criteria of economic productivity and the population liberalized to manage their fiscal autonomy in the smallest unit possible, but at the front end of material technology, then optimization of welfare will become instantly possible and the bureaucracy can be put to a defined role based on optimum merit. We have to revert then to our ideology to find our indispensible place amongst the community of Nations by opening our doors to an Islamic commonwealth where we trade tariff free and borrow whenever there be a need to pay back in finished goods. All factors of production and enterprise must be freed from bureaucratic hold to shelve alien controls and land has to be the only source of governmental revenue.

It is nonsensical to continue day on day with a rudimentary order that enslaves us within and externally and then to keep listing to hogwash political statements in denial of our core values for existence. This is all happening because Institutions of the State are scared that we will perish if we do not receive foreign aid and if we do not follow some countries because they are militarily stronger and the like fears. Our ideology and we the people have been consigned to the back burner of our times because we have simply been taken hostage by our servants with an alibi that we are your Messiah, we are your saviors, we are your mentors and all we are doing is to save you from total annihilation.

Frankly I do not and cannot buy this stale rubbish.


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